We don’t try to keep children from getting dirty and we do climb trees

We think we are fairly unique organisation. We are professional game-players and fun-havers, and take this role incredibly seriously.
We are not a big-headed organisation, but we do know that we deliver something of extremely high quality, and it’s delivered by people who care, a lot, and who share an ethos and philosophy surrounding just what childhood should be about.
Some of what lies at the heart of ATE is contrary to current culture and thinking. What follows is a list of how proud we are of what we don’t do on Superweeks and other ATE weeks and activities:

Some things we don’t do:

We don’t … Try to keep children from ever getting dirty.

We don’t … Plug children in. There are no electronic devices on our weeks.
We don’t ever …
Laugh at their imagination or interests.

We don’t … Fill their days with too much imposed activity. Each week’s programme is different – and there’s been over 500 of them! – because every group of children is different. Every timetable is flexible to take account of the groups needs.

We don’t … Think we don’t need to provide boundaries.  Children feel safer exploring and playing freely when they feel there are limits.

We don’t … Let fear prevent us from saying yes to things.  We do climb trees.

We don’t … Go along with our culture’s message to children that they should try to be “cool” and try to fit in. We encourage children to enjoy play and explore the limits of their imagination.

We don’t … Simply say we can’t do an activity if we don’t have what we need. If we don’t have a bowling alley, but think we need one, we’ll make one!

We don’t … Give them activities that can’t be replicated at home. We show children 67 new things they can do with paper and pens, empty cornflakes packets or a football, and they can take this home.

We don’t … Insist that furniture and rooms be confined to their original uses. Dormitories looks better when they’ve been turned into Princess’ Castle or a Pirate Ship.

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