Our Staff

Uncompromising on quality, we demand consistently professional standards from ourselves. We are hugely invested in our volunteer staff body. Our staff undergo rigorous training, and receive personalised guidance and support throughout their time with us. All of our pastoral staff work for us on a voluntary basis, so you know the people looking after your children are only there because they love the work they do.


On every Superweek, there will be around six to ten Monitors. Monitors are young adults who look after a small group of children throughout the Superweek. They stay with the same group for the whole week, and by the end of the first day, will know your child really well. They are a part of their group, and they will take part in everything their group does. Our volunteer Monitors each undergo a week of thorough training before they work on their first Superweek.

A Director

Each Superweek is overseen by a Director. Our Directors are all experienced Superweek veterans, who have worked their way up, completing their Monitor training, Assistant Director training, and finally Director training. They plan the activities for each day, and make sure everything is running smoothly. They are responsible for making sure everyone is having a lovely time, but also that everyone is safe. Our Directors have lots of clever ideas up their sleeves to make sure every holiday is unique.

Assistant Directors

There are always one or two Assistant Directors (or ADs) on a Superweek. They help the Director with the planning and preparation of the week, support the Monitors with their groups, and run some larger activities themselves. ADs need to have worked as Monitors for several years, so they know their way around a Superweek! They also undergo further senior training to prepare them for the role.

A Matron

If anyone feels poorly on their Superweek, they will have a Matron to look after them. Our Matrons are all medically trained, and are often nurses, paramedics, or trainee doctors. They take care of any regular medications, and are always on hand in the unlikely event that someone needs some medical treatment. We like our Matrons to be as involved in the week as they can, so that Superweekers don’t feel like visiting Matron is a big ordeal.

A Cook

We love our cooks! They keep us fed and make sure we have the energy to enjoy our Superweek. Our cooks serve delicious meals that children love, while making sure there’s plenty of fruit and veg available, and that meals are both wholesome and hearty. They make sure to offer plenty of variety, not just burgers and chips every day, and we always get brilliant feedback on our food from children.

General Assistants

Our General Assistants work with our Matron to make sure the centre is kept spick and span and everything is where it should be, and with our Caterer to help prepare the meals and serve them up when it’s ready. They work hard to make sure the Superweek happens in nice surroundings, and that we can be proud of the centre we’re in.

Good to know

  • Every member of staff is subject to an enhanced DBS check.
  • We are a small, personal organisation, and we know and trust all of our staff.

  • Our staff get consistently brilliant feedback from parents and children.
  • Our rigorous and unique staff training course is endorsed by a number of educational bodies. Our ADs and Directors have to work as Monitors and then undergo further senior training before they can take on their roles.

Want to join our team?

If you want to work as a Matron, Cook, or GA on our Superweeks, you can find job descriptions and application forms on our Vacancies page.

If you are interested in volunteering on Superweeks, the first step is to apply to join our next Monitor Training Course.