Booking and Payment Information

Booking Conditions

Please read these before completing your booking.

If your child is booking with a friend please let us know the children would like to be grouped together, either through your booking form, or by emailing us.

  1. Children can only be accepted for a complete Superweek, i.e. arriving on the first day and leaving on the last day.
  2. Age ranges for holidays provide guidance for the ages we feel would gain the most from a holiday. If your child falls outside of the age range of your preferred holiday, but you feel they would cope, please contact us to discuss this before booking. Please note, we are unable to accept children aged seven or less.
  3. If you book for two friends to come together, we will do our best to put them in the same group within the Superweek, but cannot absolutely promise this.
  4. The £80 booking deposit is non-refundable. If bookings are later withdrawn, any refund of money paid would be at ATE’s absolute discretion. Our decision would be influenced by the reason for the cancellation and how much notice was given.
  5. ATE will do all in its power to deliver its programme as set out. However, we reserve the right to cancel or alter holidays if circumstances beyond our control make this unavoidable. Parents would be told at once of any such changes, and they would be given the opportunity to switch to another holiday or, in the event of ATE needing to cancel a holiday, have a full refund.
  6. It is imperative that ATE is told at the time of booking about any disabilities, social or behavioural problems which could cause difficulties for the child and/or other children. ATE reserves the right not to accept children we do not think we can support properly. An ATE holiday is not necessarily the right solution for respite care, i.e. where a child is being sent not for their own benefit but for the benefit of parents or carers.
  7. ATE also reserves the right to ask that parents remove a child if their behaviour is putting other children, staff or themselves at risk. In such cases collection from the Superweek would be the responsibility of, and at the expense of, the parent or guardian who completed the booking form. It is in no one’s interest (least of all the child’s) to send someone to a Superweek who is likely to be unacceptably disruptive or aggressive.

Thank you for reading the Booking Conditions.

Pricing, surcharges, and discounts

Superweek Pricing

In 2024, all of our 8-day Superweeks will cost £529. Our 5-day summer Superweek costs £399.

This price includes absolutely everything: all activities, a day trip, and your child’s travel to and from the centre from one of our 17 travel points.


In 2023, we are offering a 15% multi-booking discount for all holidays booked in 2024 within one household.

This offer applies to multiple bookings for the same child, or for siblings.

If you book your a second Superweek separately to your first, your discount should still be applied automatically. If not, please contact us on or by calling 01684 562 400.

Stayovers between Superweeks

If your child is staying for more than one Superweek back-to-back, there will be a £40 charge for the extra night, rising to £60 if your child is moving from one Superweek centre to another. This will be invoiced separately to your initial order.

Surcharges for Airport Pick-up

If you are travelling from overseas, we can arrange collection and drop off from Birmingham International Airport, London Heathrow Airport, or London St Pancras Train Station. There is a £40 surcharge per leg for international drop off and collection, which will be invoiced separately.

Please contact the office if you are planning to travel from overseas, and please do not book your flights before contacting us.

What is the booking process?

The easiest way to book is directly via our website. Choose your Superweek from our Programme page. If you have any questions, or need any help or advice, please contact the office team on 01684 562 400. Everyone in the office has worked on our summer camps, and so are well placed to answer any questions.

Before booking, you will need to create an account. At this point you can add your child to your account.

When you make your booking, we require an £80 deposit to secure your place. This can be paid online or over the phone. The balance will be due four weeks before the start of the Superweek.

In the weeks leading up to your Superweek, we will send you further information by email. This will include a suggested clothing list and directions to the centre. At the same time, we will open the Medical and Personal Information Form for responses. This lets you give us further information about your child to help us look after them properly. It’s important that this form is returned to us at least 10 days before the start of the Superweek.

If your child is travelling on our free, accompanied travel system, final details will be sent to you by email and by post approximately one week before the day of departure.

You are welcome to get in touch at any point to discuss any specific points or ask any questions. Email us on or call us on 01684 562400.