Every Superweek is unique, because it’s tailor made for you and your new friends, but here are some things we’re really good at, to make sure you have a wonderful time…

Playing games

We love games. On your Superweek, you will play dozens of them: games outside and games inside; games where you have to run as fast as you can, and games where you need to sit very still and think very hard; games where you need to convince people that your socks can actually help you to fly. We can make a game out of an empty cereal box or a broom. We play games with newspapers, with string, with pants, and sometimes with nothing at all! Have you ever played a game of Cluedo where you have to interview real suspects, and search around the house for clues? We have, and that’s not all we have up our sleeves.

Making new friends

One of the best bits of a Superweek is just spending time with all the brilliant people you’ve met. You might spend some time chatting on the grass, or playing cards in your dorm. You might find out what they call a bread roll in Nottingham, or discover a new hobby you didn’t even know existed. By the end of the week you and your friends will have stacks of in-jokes that nobody else finds funny, and you’ll be counting down the days to your next Superweek together.

Day trips

On every single Superweek we go on a day trip. We may visit a castle and have a go at archery. We might hop on a steam train and visit a pretty little town with an old fashioned sweet shop. We could head to the zoo and meet a lion, or even pop to a theme park or a bowling alley. We could go ice skating, or visit a brilliant museum, or try our hand at laser quest. Sometimes we’ll get out our maps and compasses and go on an excellent expedition.

Getting into nature

On Superweeks, there’s nothing we like more than getting out into the countryside. Our centres have lots of outdoor space to explore and to get mucky in! As well as playing games, we like building dens, climbing trees, star gazing, gathering firewood and sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, and looking back on a day well spent.


On a Superweek, we love to have a little project to work on. You’ll spend a bit of time creating something amazing to take home and show your friends. It could be a mini vending machine that really works, or a personalised piggy bank. You could make an electric car to race, or a  wind-powered kite to fly, or a mosaicked vase, or a sock monkey. You might learn a new skill to last a lifetime, like how to sew, knit, or solder, or how to make something amazing using only natural materials.

Something totally different?

Every holiday is unique. Our amazing staff dream up all sorts of different ways to spend the time, especially tailored for the group on that holiday. They might think you fancy a spot of drama, or that you look like a budding soprano who would relish the chance to have a sing-song. They might put together a scavenger hunt or throw you a party. In the past we’ve learnt to make bread, and brushed up on our circus skills. We’ve always got a trick up our sleeve to keep you on your toes.

Why we do what we do

We believe that children need more opportunities to explore who they are. The freedom of childhood is best celebrated through discovery, being encouraged to be curious, and adventuring beyond the world we know. This can only happen in a safe environment where children feel accepted and valued simply for being themselves.

On a Superweek, our staff work tirelessly to foster a nurturing and trusting environment that is open to all, with a permanent invitation to ‘have a go’. With no fear of criticism or failure, children are better placed to see the world as a place of limitless possibilities. The focus of our days is play, and sharing these experiences with other people is a valuable opportunity for your children to discover new things about themselves.