50 things you could find yourself doing on a Superweek this summer

Following the lead of our very good friends at the National Trust, we’ve created our own list of 50 things to do. You’ll find all of these and more on your Superweek this summer, and we reckon it’s really, really important that you do at least 30 of these things before you get too old and sensible and overly concerned with pairing socks, and putting the bins out …
  1. Climb a tree.
  2. Decode a cryptic code at breakfast.
  3. Get really messy (muddy in the morning, salt dough-y in the afternoon, and covered in flour in the evening during evening games!).
  4. Play 239 party games you’ve never played before.
  5. Be part of a human pyramid.
  6. Make a woodland base camp for you and your team.
  7. Make a cake in a cup.
  8. Be encouraged to eat quite a lot of chocolate (The Chocolate Society A.G.M holiday).
  9. See how far you can run and shout at the same time.
  10. Complete sneaky tasks in your team without the rest of the holiday guessing that it’s  you.
  11. Swim every day, outside in the sunshine.
  12. Learn how to make your very own kite, and fly it till your legs are achey.
  13. Toast marshmallows on a bonfire, and watch the stars under a blanket.
  14. Catch a spider’s web.
  15. Live in a really exciting country house for the week, with acres and acres of safe outdoor space and woodland to play in.
  16. Become a champion Stone Skimmer.
  17. Have a go at canoeing on the river (Action and Adventure holiday).
  18. Go on a day trip.
  19. Go on expeditions and adventures out of the centre, with a picnic lunch.
  20. Sleep in really cosy dorms, in bunk beds, with the rest of your group.
  21. Try worm charming.
  22. Meet lots and lots of new friends, from all over the UK and even beyond.
  23. Have a go on the climbing wall (Action and Adventure holiday).
  24. Take part in Pooh Stick championships.
  25. Play sneaky, tactical games in the woods where you have to be camouflaged and wear face paint (The Week With No Name holiday).
  26. Make a robot (Young Inventors holiday).
  27. Meet brilliant adults, who are more fun than you can shake a wet kipper at, who will keep you safe and look after you on your adventure.
  28. Have a go at a massive outdoor art project (Make and Create holiday).
  29. Have a go at some Home Counties-Tucker-Trials (The Week With No Name
  30. Become a real life chocolate expert, with a certificate. (The Chocolate Society A.G.M. holiday).
  31. Play 452 outdoor games you’ve never heard of before.
  32. Get a Secret Pal.
  33. Enjoy treasure hunting and scavenger hunts.
  34. Take part in quests, missions and puzzle-y riddles.
  35. Live in a world where the impossible becomes quite likely, and all is not always as it seems, in the most exciting ways possible.
  36. Do very messy science experiments (Young Inventors holiday).
  37. Get into your sleeping bag and listen to a story by torchlight.
  38. Shout so much in games you lose your voice.
  39. Take part in over sized board games, where people need to be pieces.
  40. Make your own pair of slippers from felt (Make and Create holiday).
  41. Have parties, discos, banquets and feasts.
  42. Track a deer through the forest.
  43. Learn circus skills.
  44. Be a Superhero or a Pirate for the day.
  45. Catch a fairy.
  46. Walk to town to go to the sweet shop or buy and ice cream.
  47. Be in a talent show.
  48. Make square bubbles.
  49. Become an origami expert – in just one afternoon!
  50. Be set challenges and compete against the other groups.
So, what are you waiting for?

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