Volunteering: 16 ways to write about volunteering on your CV

Volunteering is a brilliant way to gain experiences that employers love, but it can be difficult to capture that experience in your CV. Here are 16 prospective-employer-pleasing things you can add to your CV or talk about at interview.

You are able to build relationships

You started the week with eight strangers and ended it with a group of friends who could hardly bear to part.

You are adaptable
On a Superweek, the timetable is never fixed. You can change your plans at the drop of a hat.

You are approachable
For the children in your care, you are the first port of call for any issue that arises, big or small. You are kind and friendly, and your group feel comfortable around you.

You are calm under pressure
Whether you’re dealing with a sprained ankle, or an argument about the last custard cream, you keep a level head at all times.

You are confident
You signed up for a tough week of training, and another of hard work, because you had a hunch it might be fun. By the end, you can teach games and songs with ease, and lead a group with panache.

You are cooperative
A Superweek is led by a team. You understand the strength of your team, and your place in it. You know when to ask for help, and when to offer it.

You are discreet
You’re working with children and you understand and respect the sensitive nature of any medical or personal information you’re entrusted with.

You are emotionally intelligent
You gave another monitor a supportive smile just when they needed it. When a child in your group was feeling down, you noticed it before anyone else. You spotted problems before they arose, and made sure they didn’t happen.

You are energetic
You can keep up with a group of eight-year olds for seven days and come out smiling. Your optimism and energy knows no bounds!

You are a good communicator
You can explain the rules of a game in one attempt, and keep eight pre-teens engaged for a whole morning of drama. You’re a master of non-verbal communication, from the raised eyebrow at breakfast, to the hushed tones at bedtime.

You are hard-working
On a Superweek, you are on-duty 24/7, looking after some very fun, but very demanding customers. And it’s voluntary, so you do it for the satisfaction of a job well done.

You are a leader
The children in your group want to follow your example. You lead from the front and bring people round to your point of view. You model good behaviour and receive good behaviour in return.

You are punctual
Not only did you get yourself to the meeting room on time, you also managed to get a group of dawdling 12-year olds there too. You understand the importance of good time-keeping.

You are reflective
You are comfortable assessing what you’re good at, and where you could improve.

You are responsible
There’s nothing more important in the world than children, and other people gave you responsibility for theirs. There is nothing more important in the world to those children than their sweets. Those children gave you responsibility for their sweets!

You are versatile
You are an all-singing, all-dancing, all-weather, child-entertaining machine! You’re not a singer, but you turn your hand to songs. You’re not an artist, but you’ll give decorating a go. You’re not a craft expert, but you taught five children how to make dream catchers. You’ve mastered the art of being a jack of all trades.

These are just 16 ways that volunteering with ATE will enhance your CV, but we think there are at least 362 more. If you want to find out more about ATE’s summer camps, visit www.superweeks.co.uk/supertraining!

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