Fundraising: Marvellous Festival | July 2015

Both this year and last year our ATE Staff have volunteered their time to support the Marvellous Festival in return for fundraising opportunities as the festival’s chosen charity. Our volunteers have spent 15-hour days stewarding, running children’s events in the Kids Village, reuniting lost children with their families, getting muddy and shaking buckets until our arms and voices were sore, all to raise funds for The Adventure Appeal.

We spoke to Liz who told us more about the weekend:

“”So, what was the best thing that happened to everyone today?” a familiar voice Bristol’ed it’s way across the group. I hung back and listened. A gabble of stories eagerly and laughingly replied. Reuniting the rather upset lady with her purse, matching people with their vehicles, talking to the queue of those waiting to come into the festival , discovering just how many ways you can dance someone into a parking space, and the moment when the Head of Security gave Team ATE control of the Main Walky Talky.

I was filled with such ridiculous pride. There is never a ‘bare minimum’ with an ATE team, never a ‘that’ll do’. We had a job to do and we did it better than anyone’s ever done it before. Because that’s what we do.

A massive, massive, massive thank you to the incredible smiling staff members that made up the Marvellous team this weekend. The charity buckets are heavy – a great job done by all. Thank you everyone.”

Read more about The Adventure Appeal here

A soggy but happy stewarding team!

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