EasyFundraising.org.uk for the Adventure Appeal

Our easy guide to raising money for ATE’s Adventure Appeal with Easyfundraising

For those of you that don’t know, Easyfundraising is essentially a platform for charitable organisations to receive donations to their causes for FREE. Like most good things it gives away a lot of information in the name, namely that it can offer ways to make fundraising easy.
You can find it here – Easyfundraising.org.uk
This guide should hopefully explain how to get it up and running. A process which takes literally less than 5 minutes, after that you are free to shop, search, survey and generally whizz around the internet until your heart’s content and hopefully turn some pennies into pounds for ATE in the process.
The Easyfundraising Registration Form.
  • This is the registration form. No prizes for working out what you have to do. There really aren’t that many details to put in (although writing down your username and password in a safe place is definitely a good habit to get into). Make sure you tick the ‘GiftAid’ box if you’re a grown-up kind of person that pays taxes here in the UK, it automatically increases the money you earn!
  • As soon as you have registered your details in support of ATE you are ready to start raising. There are a number of different ways you can raise money but we’ll look at the most common way before we have a go at anything else. There are hundreds of retailers signed up to Easyfundraising – prepared to provide a percentage of your total spend as a donation to ATE.
Popular Retailers
  • Here are the most popular according to the website, never mind big hitters like Amazon, Expedia and JDSports. You can search the database before you shop to check if Easyfundraising deals are possible by clicking the ‘Retailers’ tab and using the search bar.
You can browse available deal before you ‘Go Shopping’ on this screen.
  • This is what it looks like when you click on to the Amazon page. It lists the items that are part of the donation offer (in this case virtually everything) and provides you with the important ‘Go Shopping’ button. To successfully Easyfundraise you need to use this link, it tells Amazon where you’ve come from and what they need to do (in ways we don’t really understand but you might). It will take you direct to Amazon online which will look exactly the same except the address might look a bit funny (that’s how you know you’ve done it right).
ATE’s Homepage – Progress so far…
It might take a few hours or sometimes days to process your transactions but they’ll get there. Your account will tell you how much you’ve raised and you can even view the ATE page for the leader board.
You can also raise money using Easysearch (either click here or click ‘Raise more’ and then ‘easysearch’ from the dropdown. Easysearch automatically donates 0.5p every single time you search. Imagine how many times a week you use Google…
There are also surveys to do, unique offers to take advantage of and plenty of information about how Easyfundraising works. 
Go and have a go, tell your friends, relatives, people you like beating in competitions, basically whoever will listen. We’ll leave you with some postcard maths.
So far we’ve raised £541.14 – about 1 and a half sponsored places on a Superweek.
If we had 100 people Easyfundraising regularly and they raised £15 in a year that would be?
Correct! £1500 – that’s more like  4 sponsored places.
Remember, All you gotta do click through when you shop!

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