Why Superweeks?

Being on an ATE Superweek means that Ben will have a Monitor who really knows him. Who, by the first evening, will know his name, but he’ll answer quicker to ‘SuperBen’. Knows that his favourite game that day was Lurky and that he hasn’t quite worked out yet just why the moon has a big round face. Knows that he is brilliant at science, but he doesn’t think he really likes doing ‘arty stuff’. Knows that he loves roast chicken but hates fish fingers.

This Monitor has seen that Ben learns best when he is doing, not listening. Knows that he was really nervous about his turn in Dutch Auction last night, but now he can’t wait to tell Mum what his round-winning object and reasoning was. Knows that hanging upside down on the curly tree outside the snug makes him dizzy. Knows that he wants to be a scuba diver when he grows up. Knows that he is desperate to play Jungle Dover Patrol again, and this time he want to be the Cobra.

Knowing Ben in all these ways means that we can make sure he has a real adventure on holiday with us. It means that we can see what he is capable of and help him achieve that elusive goal – realising his full potential. This is a large claim for a small organisation, but we have been running Superweeks for over 50 years, with consistently high feedback from parents, and we know that we can do it.

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