Superweeks: A ‘Typical’ Superweek Day

There’s no such thing as a typical day on a Superweek, but here’s a run down of what you might find yourself doing, as written by one of the Superweekers above!

You wake up in your dorm with an exciting day stretching out ahead of you. You and your group get ready for the day and your Monitor starts a game of cards while you wait for breakfast time.

After breakfast, you and your group head out with your Monitor to explore the centre. Before you know it you’ve found out loads about your group, learned half a dozen brand new games, and discovered the best bit of the woods to play them in. Your monitor gets you all some squash and biscuits, and then it’s back out for more fun, games, and exploring until lunch.

Afterwards, the Director runs a big game for the whole holiday out in the woods, and your group wins! You had the perfect combination of stealthy, speedy, and tactical players – the opposition didn’t stand a chance! You sit on the grass and have your celebratory flapjacks in the sunshine.

Next, you get to choose a handicraft – a project you’ll work on over the week and get to take home at the end. There are lots of exciting options to pick, but you think dreamcatchers are just the thing! You spend the next session getting to know some new children and another Monitor. She’s really friendly, and she helps you when you can’t work out how to do the knots. At the end of the session you’re already looking forward to doing some more, but you’re excited to see your group again, too.

You have a bit of down time before dinner, so your group goes back to the dorm. Your monitor is doing some riddles with part of your group, but you decide to play Top Trumps with two children that you’ve not spent a lot of time with. They are seriously funny, and you laugh together until it’s time to go down for dinner.

While you’re eating (pasta bake with garlic bread – yum!) someone notices a strange note on your table. “Come to the games room at 7pm sharp. Please bring a pillowcase full of useful items. From the Escape Committee.” Nobody knows what it means, but everyone is excited to find out!

When you arrive in the games room you find it’s been transformed into a jail, with bars on the windows. The game is brilliant! Everyone has to explain how they can use the items in their group’s pillowcase to escape from prison, and it’s completely hilarious. Someone in your group brings up a tube of toothpaste, which they say is really plastic explosive that they can use to break out, but that they could also use it as a disguise once they’re out. They weren’t expecting to have to prove how effective a disguise it would be!

Once the game is finished, your group heads up to your dorm again and you all get ready for bed. Your Monitor tells you all a bedtime story and you drift off to sleep feeling cosy and safe, and looking forward to the next day.

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