A small selection of testimonials from children who have attended a Superweek and their parents:

Superweeks! By Rhian

“All the children I know who have been on an ATE week have loved it and M. was no exception. I knew it would help her self-confidence and maturity and it did. Her first words when I picked her up were ‘That was awesome, can I go again!!  Thank you ATE team.”

“I love the way my urban teenager happily abandons Facebook and foundation for the simple pleasures of games, singing, handicrafts and the great outdoors. Every year I worry she’ll have outgrown ATE, but every year she returns talking about booking up again the following summer. Great stuff !”

play - what's so super“Summer won’t be the same without ATE – it has been a huge part of A’s life and we’ve all looked forward to it all year. We will continue to sing your praises to all and sundry whenever we get the chance.”

“We have been thoroughly impressed with the ATE Superweek. There isn’t a single aspect that M. has mentioned could be improved. It would appear you really have thought of everything in the greatest details, in particular the wonderful dedicated leaders and a fantastic cook as well. Please don’t change your formula, we think it’s perfect!”

“Senior staff attitude and child centred approach/focus; professionalism from all staff I met with; high level of supervision; confidence in child after Superweek; focus on fun! Think the ‘ATE magic’ does work ! Many thanks.”

“J. has additional support at school and is high maintenance – ATE appears to take all this in their stride and celebrate all his many positives. It gives him such an opportunity to mature and explore his capacity for self reliance and resilience.”

“The human face of ATE. Prefer it to other organisations as it’s more ‘homely’, less ‘cram as much WOW factor in as possible’. Kids don’t need over- stimulation!”

impact letter - what's so super

“S. came home more confident and appreciating her family. She enjoyed the week and enthused about the activities she had done.”

“E. thoroughly enjoyed the week and that a certain standard of behaviour and language was expected from the children. Although she has been away with other companies, her behaviour on return from ATE is always much better than when she has been with other companies. It therefore seems to me that the supervision and support given to the children is much better and the fact that monitors are in the dorms must moderate certain behaviours and discussion subjects. Well done all. We think you’re brill!!”

“H. has been coming to Superweeks since she was 8. She has got a huge amount out of them over the years and has made great friends all over the UK and abroad. This has contributed to her developing her independence skills – not just in going off to ATE weeks but in travelling on her own by coach and train around the country to see them. ATE has become a very important part of H.’s life and she is determined to become a Monitor and play a different, but equally valuable role. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for the years of great experiences you’ve given to H., and the place those will always have in her heart.”

“E. told her Dad at the station that it was the ‘best week ever!’”

“They both had brilliant superweeks and are FULL of stories, so thank you a million times – to everyone at ATE because I know a huge amount of work goes on to make it all happen, and to the directors and monitors.”

community - what's so super“I’ve visited many camps over the years and I’ve never experienced anything like ATE… I felt as if I was in Disney Land, there’s so much positive energy just bouncing of the walls. The monitors are full of love, life and energy and this is what the children pick up on. I even found it emotional watching the teenagers become children again; forgetting about “being cool” and just acting like children!”

“They have learnt so much, and keep talking fondly and excitedly about people – both children and adults – , places, songs, the snug, the day trip, the food and the many other wonderful memories they have from their week – as well as plans of where and when their next Superweek will be.”

“While he was off on his Superweek, my wife and I stumbled across a page on Mumsnet comparing children’s summer holidays. It mentioned two other providers and ATE. Overall, ATE came out as the most highly recommended, and I can see why.”

“It could be hard entertaining experienced ATE-ers, and finding new things to surprise and enthrall them but it sounds as if you were really creative and clever with the activities.”

“You really lay on some particularly special things, and get the tone spot on.”

“We were also again impressed by the whole travel arrangement side of things, and the efficiency.”

Charli -what's so super

“Thank you so much for my best ATE ever! I have never been so sad to leave a Superweek before! I am dreading next year, as it will be the last year I can be a child! 🙁 But I have loved this holiday so much! This Final Fling has been my favourite holiday ever, thank you so much for one of the best weeks in my life!”

“A thank you for the chocolate birthday cake for D. It was delicious and must have been very big by the size of what was left that D. bought home with him.”

“My daughter is so proud that she went on holiday on her own, and I’m so pleased I found ATE”

“I was really pleased with the feedback from the monitors, which made me feel the staff had really got to know my son very well.”

“Her confidence grew greatly. Her ATE personality is closer to that of her at home rather than school which suggests she feels comfortable and able to be herself.”

“Very impressed with how well the children get on, despite the different backgrounds”

“Communications were brilliant”

“Particularly impressed with how staff manage to engage, challenge and impress a group of sophisticated 14 – 16 year olds”

nature - what's so super

“It has build his confidence and leadership skills and this shows at school”

“She has been on other holidays, but her behaviour and ‘chatback’ when she returns from ATE is always much improved. I get the impression that there is a much higher expectation of behaviour and caring of others.”

“A+, 5* – what can I say?”

“Really impressed with the individual attention, and the way clothes and possessions are sent back – excellent.”

“It was everything I hoped having experienced the wonder of Colony Holidays as a child. I knew K. would love it and he certainly did. The holiday was as great for him as it was for me all those years ago.”

“We have been meaning to write to thank you for the brilliant time you gave our two children. They clearly had an amazing, genuinely super week, and loved everything you arranged and organised. For our daughter, who is 8 and just beginning at a new boarding school, it was a most positive and invaluable experience of being away from home. And our son, near the top of your age group, the whole week opened many new horizons, in new and unexpected directions. They certainly came home a little older and changed (for the better!).”

disneyland - Whats so Super

“I have done so much in the space of one week. This was my fifth year with you, and the magic hasn’t stopped.”

“You really seem to give young teenagers like L. ‘time-out’ from the normal pressures of being in the school / home environment, and we are very grateful for that.”

“B. came home saying the people at your Moor Park holiday ‘were the nicest people I have ever met’. His self-esteem has had a real boost, and he had the best time of his life.”

“It really was a rite of passage for him. He came back from it a far more self-assured and content person than he had been before going. His transition into secondary school has been that much easier as a result.”

“He has been talking about it ever since. He particularly enjoyed the wonderful imaginative games and the opportunity to do drama and music. I was delighted there are still people who value these kinds of activity, and can organise them so well.”

“Having a monitor read a bedtime story in the dormitory was just wonderful.”

“She could not speak highly enough about her time away, and we could tell from her excitement that she was extremely well looked after. Thank you for allowing her to sample the unique experience of your camps.”

“He has returned having had a great time and singing lots of new songs. Someone even made him wash twice a day. Now there’s an achievement to be proud of!”

holly - what's so super

“She was very apprehensive about going, as she was going on her own. But we needn’t have worried, as she had the time of her life. She loved the Secret Day Out, the hunt for dragons’ eggs, and all the songs. A lovely touch was the hot chocolate before bed, and her adored monitor read to them every night in bed – wonderful!”

“Story times were great. My son came home actually wanting to READ.”

“She has made friends with a wide range of people her own age over the years, and from all over the country. She has been coming for five years, and on each occasion has returned full of the things she has done. Thank you for looking after her so well, and giving her experiences that we could not.”

“He had a brilliant time and actually tried new things to eat.”

“I was impressed with the sense of community spirit engendered, and the emphasis on REAL activities and on using the imagination.”

Children were asked what they like in particular …

  • “I liked the fact we got to meet new friends.”
  • “Matron being there for everyone.”
  • “Meeting new amazing people every year.”
  • “The Monitors were all really friendly and made you feel at home straight away. I enjoyed playing all the games and there was always something exciting to do.”
  • “I love the family atmosphere where you are in a ATE bubble for the whole week.”
  • “Camping and the Apprentice theme. Generally being treated like young adults even though it’s a ‘kids’ holiday was really cool.”
  • “This was my third Superweek but the first I had come without a friend. It was amazing! Everyone got on really well and I got to meet new people. As always, the singing and games were amazing but I particularly enjoyed the canoeing off site and getting to the top of the climbing wall. All the staff were lovely and the food was the best ever. Definitely coming back next year. Thank you ATE!”
  • “I enjoyed the food mostly because it was just totally delicious and it was homemade so that made it even better!”
  • fun, games - what's so super“My whole dorm/Monitors in addition to all the activities and games. I couldn’t stop talking about ATE and will spread the word about it!!I enjoyed the games, the craft sessions, saving the ‘spirit’, swimming, singing sessions and group activities. Also I liked the idea of looking after a pet apple.”
  • “Superweeks give you an experience I don’t get anywhere else. You can just be yourself and there isn’t any day to day stress.”
  • “Superweeks mean an amazing week, once or twice a year, where I feel so ‘in place’.”ATE bubble - whats so super
  • “Superweeks allow you to be yourself. It is the highlight of my year.”
  • “Superweeks give you an instant sense of safety and companionship. You are immediately made to feel like you belong.”
  • “They give you the chance to be cut off form the world for a week and just be a kid!”
  • “I think Superweeks really allow the best in people to come out and everyone who goes on them gets changed for the better.”