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Reserving your Superweek place

2021 Prices and Discount Information


While you can reserve your Superweek place right now, we will not be asking for any payment until we are more certain that we will actually be able to run the holidays. We hope to be able to make a decision in May.

We have frozen our Superweek price at £469. When we open bookings, we will require a deposit payment of £80 per child per Superweek, with the balance of payment due four weeks before the start of the Superweek.

We always try to be small print-free, but there are some unknowns this year that make that difficult. We don’t expect our costs to rise significantly, but should they go up by over 10%, we may need to ask for a contribution towards those costs at the point we begin taking payments. We hope this won’t be necessary, and would only do so in exceptional circumstances.

We will guarantee full refunds to all customers if we are unable to run Superweeks for any reason, or if a child is unable to attend because they are self-isolating for any reason. If we have to change the conditions of booking or any of the logistics of a Superweek and you no longer want to book as a result, we will also guarantee full refunds. If you decide to cancel your booking for any other reason, we will honour the refund policy as set out in our terms and conditions.

Discount Information

Sibling DiscountBookings for second and subsequent siblings from within the same family.£40 off
Multiple Booking DiscountWhen the same child attends more than one summer Superweek in 2021£40 off
Please note: only one discount may be used per family, but we always work out the most rewarding combination for you. For sibling and multiple bookings the first booking of 2021 is full price; discounts will be applied to all subsequent bookings in 2021.

We are will not be taking payments until we are more certain that Superweeks can run. We will contact customers at the point we feel we can start taking money. Payment is possible by bank transfer, credit or debit card, or cheque.

All money due must be settled four weeks before the Superweek start date.

Please read the booking conditions carefully and then complete the booking form below.

If you are booking for more than one child, please use one form per child. If your child is booking with a friend please make sure both families agree the same Superweek, and contact the office to let us know the children would like to be grouped together.

  1. Children can only be accepted for a complete Superweek, i.e. arriving on the first day and leaving on the last day.
  2. Age ranges for holidays provide guidance for the age range we feel would get the most from a holiday. If your child is a year out at either side of an age range (but over 8 years old) and you feel they would cope, please ring the office to speak to a holiday Director.
  3. If you book for two friends to come together, we will do our best to put them in the same group within the Superweek, but cannot absolutely promise this.
  4. The £80 booking deposit is non-refundable (except in cases where a child is unable to attend because they are self-isolating due to Covid-19, or if changes we make to the conditions of booking or any of the logistics of a Superweek mean you no longer wish to book). If bookings are later withdrawn, any refund of money paid would be at ATE’s absolute discretion. Our decision would be influenced by the reason for the cancellation and how much notice was given.
  5. ATE will do all in its power to deliver its programme as set out. However, we reserve the right to cancel or alter holidays if circumstances beyond our control make this unavoidable. Parents would be told at once of any such changes, and they would be given the opportunity to switch to another holiday or, in the event of ATE needing to cancel a holiday, have a full refund.
  6. It is imperative that ATE is told at the time of booking about any disabilities, social or behavioural problems which could cause difficulties for the child and/or other children. ATE reserves the right not to accept children we do not think we can support properly. An ATE holiday is not necessarily the right solution for respite care, i.e. where a child is being sent not for his/her own benefit but for the benefit of parents or carers.
  7. ATE also reserves the right to ask that parents remove a child if his/her behaviour is putting other children, staff or him/herself at risk. ATE has an attitude of zero tolerance towards bullying and racism. In such cases collection from the Superweek would be the responsibility of, and at the expense of, the parent or guardian who completed the booking form. It is in no ones’s interest (least of all the child’s) to send someone to a Superweek who is likely to be unacceptably disruptive or aggressive.

Thank you for reading the Booking Conditions.

Airport pick up/drop off (one-way): £35

Airport pick up/drop off (two-ways): £70

One night Stayover between two Superweeks: £45

2021 Superweek Reservation Form

Please complete the form below to reserve your Superweek place. If you are booking for more than one child, please complete one form per child.

The details of our Superweeks are all subject to fine tuning so that we can respond to demand. We won’t change the dates, but we could add, remove, or combine Superweeks if necessary. This is why we’re giving you the option to indicate the dates you are interested in, and your Superweek preference. We will do everything we can to ensure you get a place on your first-choice Superweek.

Our office team is working reduced hours as a result of the pandemic, so we are aiming to keep our administrative load light until we are more certain we can run our Superweeks this summer. You will receive an automatic response to confirm that your form has been sent, and we will send you a confirmation of your reserved place within 10 working days. We will always prioritise answering your questions, so please do get in touch if there is anything you want to know.


Child's First Name(s)
Child's Surname
School Name
Child's Date of Birth
Age at start of Superweek
School year group (England & Wales)
Is your child male or female:
Is this his/her 1st Superweek?
Child's First Language
Home address


First name:
Relation to child
Daytime telephone number
Evening telephone number
Mobile telephone number

Parent / Legal Guardian Address (if different from child's)


Which dates would you like to reserve?

If you are able to be flexible with your dates, please do indicate this, as we may need to adjust our programme to suit demand.

Do you have a preference for a specific Superweek or Superweeks?

A Splendid Adventure, (10-15 year-olds, White Hall, 8th to 15th August)

Discount code

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: Booking accompanied travel

Please note: we may not be able to run our travel system in the same way that we have in previous years. We will offer as comprehenisive a service as we can, and we'll keep customers in the loop as our plans develop.

I would like accompanied travel from:
Other: preferred nearest town:
Drop off / Pick up by Car


We won't take payment until we are more certain that will be able to run our Superweeks. We expect to be able to make this decision in May, but we will keep our customers informed throughout our planning

ADDITIONAL NOTES ABOUT YOUR RESERVATION:(e.g. if you have any notes about your Superweek selection, or if your child would like to be grouped with a friend)

Do you prefer to receive information by post? (UK customers only)

We will usually send information to you by email, including your information sheet, suggested packing list and medical and personal information form for you to fill in and return to us. Please contact us on or 01684 562 400 if you would like to receive all information by post. NB: If your child is travelling on our accompanied travel system, you will always receive your travel instructions by post as well as by email.


Please choose:
Further details: e.g which website / publication? If a friend referred you, we'd like to thank them.

What happens next:

Our office team check all of the Superweek applications carefully. You should receive an acknowledgement of your reservation by email within 10 working days.

We will monitor the likelihood of Superweeks being able to run legally, safely, and to a high-quality, and keep customers up-to-date. As soon as we can, likely in May, we will made a decision on whether to begin taking formal bookings. At this point we would begin seeking payment from customers.

Nearer to the Superweek you will receive further information by email including a suggested clothing list, and further information about the week itself, including directions to the centre, contact details and guidelines for pocket money. At the same time we will ask you to fill in a short medical and personal information form, asking for further information about your child to help us look after her or him properly. It’s important that this form is returned to us at least 10 days before the start of the Superweek.

If your child is travelling on our free, accompanied travel system, final details will be sent to you by email and by post approximately 7 – 10 days before the day of departure.

You are welcome to chat to us at any point to discuss any specific points or ask any questions. Email us on or call us on 01684 562400.