Testimonials from 2018

We’re incredibly proud of the feedback we receive from the children who come away with us, and their families. Below is a selection of statistics, thoughts and comments from 2018. Some quotes are from feedback forms, but a great number are unsolicited. Any names of children that appear have been altered.


In 2018 98% of children told us they enjoyed their Superweek ‘very much’ or ‘quite a bit’

“Your ability to make a ‘screen free’ week one that’s great fun & which he’s keen to repeat! The staff are always great & the overall approach is so positive you’re a good influence on us all!”

“Rebecca had a great time when she was there. She had been a bit worried about going on her own but any fears quickly evaporated (apparently!). She made friends very quickly and was very well looked after by the staff. Big thumbs up for the songs, games and the food. She is desperate to come back next year.”

“Jane has always come back full of stories and tales, full of excitement. It’s been a great way for her to make new friends which no doubt she will have for life. Thank you for all the hard work & dedication put into ATE Superweeks.”

“Both children had an unequivocally wonderful week this year – and despite being repeat customers, continue to delight in ATE magic”

“Kids loved it. Orla and Niall have tried several other holiday camps and they rated Superweeks their favourite one.”

“We love the ethos of ATE. The children have a huge amount of fun but also learn independence and how to be a child without the distraction of TV, mobile phones and social media.”

“Wonderful to see John so excited and buzzing about a week with no phone or PS4. Thank you for such a brilliantly-organised and warm, fun week.”

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96% of children told us their Superweek Directors and Monitors were ‘brilliant’ or ‘good’

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Superweek as I had a really nice Monitor who was very funny, kind and caring and looked after us well. I also really enjoyed the campfire songs at bed time! I loved all the songs, all the people, all the food and all the activities. I really enjoyed my time at Penn Wood! Thank you so much I had the best time!”

“The Monitors seem so enthusiastic & friendly and they made Clive feel so happy and at ease , that he seemed to completely chill out & return to his old happy-go-luck self. He’s still fabulous again and it’s been 2+ weeks since he returned.”

“Ruth was quite apprehensive beforehand & has returned eager to go again. Supervising Monitors made the experience wonderful for her.”

“My son came back extremely happy. He talked hours about his new friends and activities. He loved his monitor Lucy. He can’t wait to the next year.”

“The Monitors sound like they were very kind, thoughtful and fun – my son said he was homesick the first day but Bill was clearly great: he persuaded Fred that he didn’t really want to go home, and made a real effort to make it a wonderful week for him. My daughter said her monitor, Amber, was really nice too, and that Steph was lovely and exactly what she’d hoped a Matron would be (she has read a lot of boarding school stories…).”

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“Another great week for Stephen giving him lots of experiences + building on self esteem. Keep up the good work!!”

“Francis gained confidence and experienced/tried things he has never done before. It did him the world of good. He has also made some good friends. Thank you!”

“Peter came back with a lot of confidence & talked a lot about the things they did, he also like singing the songs. Thank you to all the staff for looking after Peter & making his week a super memory.”

“Many thanks for helping Shane grow, his confidence has changed. He loved his week away. Happy memories to have.”


98% of parents told us their child benefited or developed from their Superweek in 2018


98% of parents told us they thought the travel arrangements were ‘good’ or ‘very good’

“Loved that Elliot was taken by train – it all added to the experience and more independence for him.”

“Very impressed with the travel arrangements & support. Gary had a great time.”

“Sarah Really enjoyed the week. The travel arrangements are excellent when both parents work full time.”

“Monitors were very calm and organised at Euston on possibly the hottest and busiest day of the summer – thank you!”

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Quickfire statistics

99% of parents told us their children were looked after ‘well’ or ‘very well’.

80% of children said the food on their Superweek was ‘brilliant’ or ‘good’.

96% of parents told us their Superweek was ‘good’ or ‘very good’ value for money.

90% of children told us they thought their Superweek centre was ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Good’.

99% of parents said the preliminary information they received and their contact with our office team was ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

88% of children told us they would like to come on another Superweek.

85% of parents told us they were ‘very likely’ to send their child on another Superweek.