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Information for Children

Superweeks are brilliant! They are a week of fun and games with great people in amazing places. What more could you ask for? We know a Superweek is quite different from your normal day-to-day, so we’ve answered some of the questions we get asked most often by children. Whether you’re feeling a bit nervous about your first Superweek, or you just want to know a little more about what you’ll find when you arrive, we’ve got the answer for you.

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Your Monitor will be looking after you for the entire Superweek. A Monitor is like a big brother or a big sister, but with no rubbish bits. You will be put in a group with 6 or 7 other people your age, plus your Monitor. You’ll have your very own group, and each group has their own Monitor who’s with you all the time; they eat with you, sleep in your dorm and do all the activities with you. Groups are usually either all boys or all girls so you can all be in the same dorm together too. Your group will spend lots of time with other groups, and so you’ll get a chance to meet everyone else on your holiday.

If you do want to come with a friend, then we will do our very, very best to put you both in the same group. Most people come on Superweek by themselves. We’re very good at making sure everyone gets to know each other quickly. No one ever gets left out on a Superweek.

All our centres have dorms. They vary in size from centre to centre but will probably have between 4 and 8 beds in. Most have bunk beds, some are lots of single beds (a bit like in Hogwarts). There will be somewhere for you to put away your things.

Your dormitory is a very special room on Superweek as it belongs to just you and your group. Lots of exciting things will happen in there. You can even decorate it to make it even more special – previous groups have turned dorms into sweet factories, jungles, alien planets and even the inside of a computer!

That will be up to the Director running your holiday. Normally, bedtime will vary from about 8.30pm and 10.30pm depending on your age group.

Don’t worry! These things happen to us all. Just quietly mention it to your Monitor and everything will be taken care of. Nobody even needs to know.

When you arrive at your Superweek you’ll get a chance to call home and let them know you’ve arrived safe and sound. After that, you wouldn’t normally call home except in exceptional circumstances. This is because, in our experience, it can be harder to really enjoy your Superweek if you’re worrying about the world outside your centre.

Its always nice during the Superweek for you and your group to walk into town to buy a postcard to send home with all your news.

If you have one, you can bring a mobile or tablet to use during the journeys to and from the centre. When we arrive, they will be locked away for safekeeping for the Superweek. There are a couple of reasons we do this:

  • Because we’re extremely cruel and heartless
  • It’s not a good idea to have expensive things lying around on a Superweek. If your valuables are locked away, there’s no chance of them wandering off.
  • We really want everyone to spend time enjoying one anther’s company, and we find it works better when nobody is distracted by playing Tetris on their Gameboy Advance (is that the up-to-date technology?)

If you have an e-reader like a Kindle, you can probably hang onto that, and you can keep a camera to take pictures during the week – but it has to be a camera, and not a phone! It will be up to you to keep them safe.

Some of our centres are very old, and they’re all out in the countryside. We won’t let you keep sweets and food in your dorm, because they tend to attract unwanted and squeaky visitors! Don’t worry – we promise there’ll be plenty to eat.

Every holiday has a Matron – this person is usually a nurse and it’s her job to look after everybody’s medicine, do First Aid and generally make sure everyone is feeling OK (she’s a bit like the Superweek mum!). You’ll always know where to find her if you need her and she’ll always be happy to see you – even if you just need a hug.

What’s really brilliant about Superweeks is that you’re usually only ever a couple of hours away from eating! As well as lovely breakfasts, lunches and dinners, our catering team make sure you have morning breaks and afternoon snacks to keep you going through all the games. It’s all really brilliant, home-cooked food like you’ll be used to from home. There’s always a good pudding after meals, and usually cake (or maybe even an ice cream) in the afternoon.

Sometimes in the evening we even get hot chocolate and biscuits in front of the fire!

We stay in lots of different centres on Superweeks. Some of them are boarding schools, others are outdoor pursuits centres. They all have enormous grounds to explore and run around in, and plenty of room indoors where we can play or just relax and feel cosy. You’ll sleep in a dormitory with your group, and your Monitor will always be in the dormitory with you.

If you’re staying with us for more than one week, you’ll stay in one of our centres with some of our brilliant staff and, with any luck, some of the people who were on your last week. We’ll look after you, and make sure you’re having a fun time, we’ll do a load of laundry for you if you’ve run out of clean pants, you’ll be well fed, and you’ll get the chance to recover from your last week if you need to.

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