Every evening on your Superweek, when you go to bed, we want you to be able to look back on your day and be able to say…

  • I have played 25 games that I have never played before

  • I’ve found out something new about the world, and about some people who live in it, and about myself

  • I’ve done more than five things that I’m excited to tell my friends about when I get home

  • I am super excited to do it again when I wake up in the morning!

Every Superweek is unique, because it’s tailor made for you and your new friends, but here are some things we might try to make sure you have a wonderful time…

Playing games
Meet new friends
Getting into nature
Day trips
Something else?

and because a picture paints a thousand words, scroll down to find out the equivalent of 64,000 words of more info!

Why we do what we do

We believe that children need more opportunities to explore who they are. The freedom of childhood is best celebrated through discovery, being encouraged to be curious, and adventuring beyond the world we know. This can only happen in a safe environment where children feel accepted and valued simply for being themselves.

On a Superweek, our staff work tirelessly to foster a nurturing and trusting environment that is open to all, with a permanent invitation to ‘have a go’. With no fear of criticism or failure, children are better placed to see the world as a place of limitless possibilities. The focus of our days is play, and sharing these experiences with other people is a valuable opportunity for your children to discover new things about themselves.