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Residential trips for Primary and Secondary Schools


ATE staff are experts in fostering safe and supportive environments where unforgettable residential trips take place. Our residential trips are not pre-packaged. Thanks to our vast experience, continually reflective practice and extensive repertoire of workshops, games, songs, challenges and activities, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to provide a unique, positive residential experience that is tailored to the needs of your pupils.

“I am convinced that the activities organised by ATE help greatly to raise self-esteem and build motivation among young people.”

-Estelle Morris, Former Education Secretary

Our residential trips are put together according to your needs and what you’d like out of your residential. This might be to immerse children and young people in active learning within a particular curriculum area, across the curriculum, or a trip focused on developing group relationships, social and emotional well being, or even to spend quality time together having fun.

In conversation with teachers, ATE will put together and deliver a carefully considered structure of high quality, engaging activities. Most importantly our 50 years experience of running residential holidays and highly trained, experienced staff team, means everything we do is responsive to the needs and enthusiasms of the children and young people we work with.

“Children still now continue to talk about the week. At the end of the year lots of children gave the Pirate Week as their highlight of the year.”

-Deputy Head KS2 Pirate Activity Week

Why book an ATE Residential Trip for your School?

We provide a whole experience, not stand alone activities.

ATE believe children and young people need to be exposed to new situations from which they can go away with increased confidence, personal aspirations, and above all, where they can feel and be themselves. An ATE Residential Trip creates space for children and young people to explore who they are and challenge assumptions of what they are capable of. They will discover new talents, develop new and existing skills, interests and enthusiasms. 

School Weeks group relationships

Benefits for children, young people and staff:

  • Cement and develop positive group relationships and respect, strengthening a school community.
  • Countless opportunities for children and young people to explore who they are and challenge assumptions of what they are capable of.
  • The chance to develop self-confidence, personal aspirations, ambitions and interests through trying new experiences in a safe and supportive environment.
  • The opportunity for children and young people to get to know themselves and each other in new ways.
  • A positive residential experience. With the opportunity to engage in curriculum learning in active, creative and experiential ways.
  • Experiencing, and learning the value of ‘having fun’.


Benefits for staff:

  • A unique opportunity to see your children learning.
  • Gain ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm.
  • Bespoke to your setting and learning objectives.
  • Opportunity to build positive and trusting relationships with your children through a residential environment.
  • A school trip where ATE runs every aspect of the residential. This is so you can share in the enjoyment of activities and spend quality time with your pupils.
  • Sustained learning through additional opportunity to book ATE for whole school CPD sessions, should you wish to integrate aspects of our practice into your school setting.

The centres we use 

We choose accommodation according to your specific requirements. Take a look at three examples of favourite centres frequently used for Residential Trips here.

Why choose ATE?

We’ve delivered imaginative and educationally enriching activities to children and young people for over 50 years. Read more about who we are and our values here.

Cost and Payment 

All prices are inclusive of all activities, food and accommodation and staff care and supervision 24 hours of each day.

Length of stay Usual Cost per pupil* Minimum number of pupils Teacher/Leader places
4 nights / 5 days between £165 – £195 30 pupils 1 free teacher place per every 10 pupils
2 nights / 3 days between £85 – £100 30 pupils 1 free teacher place per every 10 pupils

*Because our trips are bespoke, prices will vary according to the number of pupils you bring, where in the U.K. you choose, and the day trips we organise on your behalf.

We will usually arrange for an invoice to be sent by email and/or by post to the relevant department within your school.

How to Book

If you would like to make an enquiry or book a Residential Trip please send enquiries to us at with brief details of the nature of your enquiry.

Please include;

  • Where in the UK you are based
  • What provision you are looking for
  • What size group you have
  • What time in the year your trip will be

We will arrange to call you back at your convenience to discuss your needs and talk to you about what ATE could do for you. We will endeavor to have confirmation of your booking and cost to you within 10 days of our initial phone call to you.

We look forward to developing a bespoke residential trip and sharing our enthusiasm with you.


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