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In-School Experiences

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Bespoke Learning Experiences

Our learning experiences use imaginative play and mystery games to submerge children in a curriculum area or topic focus. Often character based, these days and weeks offer the opportunity for children to be immersed in active, experiential learning. They explore knowledge in context and provide memorable experiences for children to draw upon in their learning.  These sessions are creative, imaginative and unforgettably different.

We put together one day or week long learning experiences, delivered in your school and developed according to your needs. Our vast experience, continually reflective practice and extensive repertoire of workshops, games, challenges and activities means we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to tailor a day or week-long learning experience to your aims. Importantly, this is skillfully integrated into classroom learning in response to our dialogue with you.  

‘Children’s writing had a creative edge including lots of descriptive vocabulary and detail. Their stories showed that they had entered into a make-believe world that they were able to explore and talk about at length both verbally and in their writing.’

Deputy Head, Wilden Primary School.

In the past we have provided….

Topic Introductions:

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Pirate Day, Year 4

In the week before, Year 4 have a surprise visit from Mussels the Pirate. He asks if he can come back next week with his Pirate crew. On the day, the nearby Pirate Crew visit school to put Lily Livered and Year 4 through their paces in Pirate School (full morning of team & strategy games). BUT, Pirate School is suddenly interrupted by a Pirate Emergency! The class is taken to the common nearby to help. Code breaking and treasure hunts follow. There are more characters to meet, goodies to rescue and baddies to thwart.

Aztecs (half day)

Year 6 are invited to take part in The Aztec Championships. They are divided into teams who send forward a champion to compete in each round. The rounds are relevant to Aztec culture and lifestyle i.e. demonstrations of Aztec art and craft (Generation game style) and imitation by the teams. The afternoon championship is run by an eccentric local historian, an anthropologist and Zolin the Aztec.

Curriculum-Focused Sessions

Science and Technology Challenges

A visit from Professor Si N. Tiffick set the children a unique problem to solve. He left the group with material and ideas, checking on them in the week, before returning to see what investigations they had carried out for him. It could be tank building, rocket building (he has a rocket machine!) or parachutes.

Drama and Storytelling

Our Storyteller has a range of stories, all with integrated songs. On this particular visit, Year 11 were invited to bring their pyjamas to school.  On the day, the hall was transformed into a fairy-lit room, hot chocolate was served and Year 11 spent the afternoon enjoying listening to and discussing stories. Worksheets were provided for follow-up sessions to help them analyse and extend their understanding of the tales.


Hands-on puzzles, team strategy games, real-life snakes and ladders, co-ordinate based race games, logic and lateral thinking puzzles brought to life by our Mathemagicians. The children won’t even realise they’re doing maths!

And much more…

We enjoy coming up with fresh and exciting learning experiences, and we haven’t been stumped yet! We offer consistently high quality activity, with the skills and expertise that allow us to tailor our activity to the needs of your children.

‘Our Year 6 children gained a lot from the Aztec Day organised by ATE. They were able to experience what life would be like as an Aztec and gain insight into Aztec culture and beliefs. I was really impressed with how engaged all of the children were and how well the activities met our requests.’

– Y6 Teacher, Great Malvern Primary

Why us? 

We’ve delivered imaginative and educationally enriching activities to children and young people for over 50 years. Read more about who we are and our values here.

Why bring ATE to your classroom?

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Benefits for children:

  • Carefully planned, active learning experiences, engage children in immersive play and child led enquiry. These experiences stretch their imaginations and foster learning across the curriculum.
  • Make-believe and suspension of disbelief facilitates a deep learning experience, with lasting impact.
  • Active challenges develop thinking skills to be applied across the curriculum.
  • We foster an inclusive environment where the knowledges of all children are valued and stretched.

Following the activity week the children all wrote a story based around the ‘adventure’. Reluctant writers (particularly boys) were motivated and enthused about writing. There was a significant progression. 70% of the children performed at a higher level than they normally do in writing, even though little ‘writing’ input or advice had been given by the class teacher.’

Benefits for staff:

  • A unique opportunity to see your children learning: We invite you to play alongside and capitalise on the rare opportunity to learn with your children, stepping back from leading to gain insight into each child’s development and interests as they engage in an adventure with you.
  • Gain ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm: We believe in spreading knowledge, skills and enthusiasm, and know how valuable it is to be able to learn through experiencing new activities in order to feed your teaching practice.
  • Bespoke to your setting, children and curriculum area or topic focus: We will plan with you according to your needs, so you get the most out of the day or week.
  • Sustained learning: We will leave you with resources to integrate into further classroom learning.

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Extend a Creative Curriculum Experience over a Week or over a Half-term

Classroom activities can also be split over the course of a week, or a half term if relevant to the topic. For example the Science Professor visiting on Monday to set differentiated Science challenges, comes back on Wednesday to check on progress with all year groups and offer advice, and returns on Friday for children to show results and share discoveries.

Costs and payment

Your Creative Curriculum experience will include a character dropping-in prior to the day. We’ll consult with you in advance to plan the timings for your bespoke session.

Creative Curriculum Day: 6 hours of delivery with an ATE staff team of 2 £550
Cost per additional ATE staff member (as needed) £200

Prices for activities extended across a week or half-term, will vary based on time spent and staff numbers required. Do get in touch (see below) for a quote.

We will usually arrange for an invoice to be sent by email and/or by post to the relevant department within your school.

How to book

If you would like to book ATE for a Creative Curriculum Day for your school, please send enquiries to with brief details of the nature of your enquiry.

Please include;

  • Where in the UK you are based
  • What provision you are looking for
  • What size group you have
  • What time in the year the day will be

We will arrange to call you back at your convenience to discuss your needs and talk to you about what ATE could do for you. We will endeavour to have confirmation of your booking and cost to you within 10 days of our initial phone call.

We look forward to developing a bespoke session and sharing our enthusiasm with you.


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