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UltimATE Fun and Games

Serious Fun

We’ve taken three of our favourite things, and combined them into one winning package: fun, games, and excruci-ATE-ing puns. UltimATE Fun and Games is a compilation album of our greatest hits, ideal for old-timers and new Superweekers alike. We’ve digitally remastered our classic brand of fun and hijinks in high definition surround sound, for your listening pleasure. We’ll be meeting lots of new friends, experiencing the world through a prism of play, and exploring the delights that Edgmond Hall has to offer.

Dates:24th - 31st July 2020
Age:10 – 15 years
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In previous years we have…

We have so much fun up our sleeves that we never run the same week twice, so every Superweek is entirely unique. Here are some highlights from similar Superweeks in the past:

  • Held a casino night and invented a new card game

  • Made our own juggling balls, dreamcatchers and kites

  • Hosted a fete and ran our own stalls, including hoopla, lemon heads, and a juice bar

  • Had a picnic sat on top of the Malvern Hills

  • Held a Quidditch tournament

  • Been surprised with an Ice Cream Factory for dessert, complete with sprinkles and sweets, after a hot day playing in the sunshine

Edgmond Hall: Our Home for the Week

A Georgian House sat in 45 acre-grounds just outside Newport in Shropshire. Edgmond Hall was once a working farm, and now boasts games rooms, group spaces and hideaways inside, and brilliant woods, playgrounds, and even a bonfire pitch outside.

Why Superweeks?

  • Full bed and board in beautiful, carefully selected centres

  • Unique games and activities, honed over half a century

  • Round the clock care and supervision from diligent, well-trained staff

  • An exciting day trip

  • Accompanied travel to and from 18 Travel points across the UK

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“The stories of what they did and the people they met continue to bubble to the surface for the whole year, entertaining the whole family.”

– Parent