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The Final Fling

The Final Word in Superweeks

We all know that age brings many things: wisdom, responsibility, cynicism. But we also know that everyone (yes, even 16-year olds) enjoys being knee-deep in silly on a Superweek. Since the Final Fling is designed for the older age group, the week will allow our Superweekers to have more responsibility for the structure of the week. Along with the fun and festivities of a typical Superweek, there’ll be more emphasis on team building, leadership and group challenges. Despite the urban myth, coming on this week needn’t be saved until your very last ever summer with ATE: plenty of people do it three times!

Date:9th - 16th August 2020
Age:14-16 years
Location:White Hall
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In previous years we have…

We have so much fun up our sleeves that we never run the same week twice, so every Superweek is entirely unique. Here are some highlights from previous Final Fling Superweeks:

  • Made our own masks and got dressed up for a Masquerade Ball with a twist

  • Went on an evening adventure to go stargazing and saw a shooting star
  • Hosted a breakfast disco

  • Created our own evening activities and swotted up on pointless facts for an alcohol-free pub quiz

  • Played a week-long version of the game ‘killer’ #morefunthanyoucanshakeawetkipperat

White Hall: Our Home for the Week

White Hall was so popular in 2019, we’re back twice in 2020! It’s got 35 acres of grounds to explore, the indoor spaces are both grand and comfy, and the dorms are not just the right size. White Hall is near Buxton in the heart of the Peak District.

Why Superweeks?

  • Full bed and board in beautiful, carefully selected centres

  • Unique games and activities, honed over half a century

  • Round the clock care and supervision from diligent, well-trained staff

  • An exciting day trip

  • Accompanied travel to and from 18 Travel points across the UK

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” Superweeks have made such a difference to me as I’m a lot more confident now, and have enjoyed every minute and every new friend I’ve made (more than I can count!).”