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Antics at Abberley

It’s a jolly holiday with ATE

Abberley Hall is officially our Posh Centre. It’s over 500 years old, it has a walled garden, an archery butt, fishing lakes, and even a clock tower that was built as part of an aristocratic rivalry! Rumour has it, we might be allowed to go up the tower to take in the view… We’ve got the run of Abberley Hall’s 90 acres of premium game-playing land, ideal for running around and being noisy or for eating marshmallows round a fire. Inside, alongside comfortable dorms and cosy nooks, there’s also a brilliant swimming pool. We’ll be preparing some exciting exploits to keep you on your toes – you’ll have to come along to see what antics we have up our sleeves. We hope you can join us to see off the summer in style.

Date:20th - 27th August 2019
Age:10-15 years
Location:Abberley Hall
  • Team Challenges

  • Problem Solving

  • Puzzles and mysteries
  • Code-breaking
  • Tactical, strategic games

  • A Day Trip

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In previous years we have…

We have so much fun up our sleeves that we never run the same week twice, so every Superweek is entirely unique. Here are some highlights from previous Superweeks:

  • Played giant battleships by torchlight in our sleeping bags

  • Completed top secret missions for Dr S.P.O’Narge

  • Designed our own pizzas for our evening meal

  • Held a den-building competition deep in the woods

  • Made our own obstacle courses and raced to be the team champions

  • Toasted marshmallows over the bonfire


Abberley Hall: Our Home for the Week

Abberley Hall, in the heart of Worcestershire country side, is a boarding school during term time. It has lots of comfortable dormitories hidden in different parts of the hall and everything we need for a fantastic week. We will have 90 acres to play in and explore, a swimming pool and lots of different spaces for games and group activities. There is even a clock tower!

Everything’s Included:

  • Full Bed and Board

  • Equipment

  • Activities

  • Supervision

  • A Day Trip

  • Accompanied travel to and from 17 Travel points across the UK

We recommend a maximum of £10 pocket money be sent with your child on their Superweek. This is entirely optional.

Free Accompanied Travel to and from the Superweek

Included with every Superweek is free, accompanied travel from any of our 17 guaranteed travel points. This means you can get to any Superweek, at any centre, easily.

A Monitor will meet you and your child at the station and travel with your child all the way to your holiday. We’ll bring your child back to the station to meet you at the end of the Superweek (slightly sleepier and maybe a bit muddier) a week later.

Travel Points:

Birmingham – Bristol – Cardiff – Chesterfield – Coventry – Derby – Liverpool – Leeds – London – Manchester – Milton Keynes – Newcastle – Oxford – Sheffield – Stoke – Worcester – York

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“I really enjoyed meeting all the other children and the emphasis put on making sure everyone was included was really nice, made me feel much more at ease.” – Superweeker