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A Splendid Adventure

Visit our brand new centre for a Splendid Adventure

We’ve found a brand new centre to explore, and we’re looking for some pioneering Superweekers to put it to the test! White Hall sits in the wild and wind-swept moorlands of Derbyshire, and is the perfect setting for an adventure. It’s a brilliant combination of grand and historic, and cosy and homely. There will be games to play, woodlands to get lost in (so long as you promise you’ll find your way back), and more fun to be had than you can shake a kneetapper at.

Date:3rd – 10th August 2019
Age:10-15 years
Location:White Hall
  • Team games and challenges
  • A Day Trip
  • Exploring
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In previous years we have…

We have so much fun up our sleeves that we never run the same week twice, so every Superweek is entirely unique. Here are some highlights from previous A Grand Adventure Superweeks:

  • Turned the centre into Narnia for the week

  • Competed in the Best Paper Plane Ever tournament

  • Played our way across a room-sized snakes and ladders board.

  • Learnt lots of new songs accompanied with our Director playing on the guitar

  • Helped a Ninja who had lost his way and took part in the Ninja Championships

  • Packed our rucksacks for an adventure and spent the whole afternoon exploring

White Hall: Our Home for the Week

Brand new for 2019, we’re quietly confident that White Hall might become a firm favourite. It’s got 35 acres of grounds to explore, complete with low ropes and outdoor challenges. The indoor spaces are a lovely mix of grand and comfy, with lots of cosy snug spaces that also feature ornate fireplaces and ionic columns. The dorms are not too big and not too small, with loads of space to unpack into. And they’re barrel-vaulted, for extra novelty-factor! White Hall is near Buxton, in the heart of the Peak District. Almost every window (and there are a lot of windows) has beautiful views out over the hills.

Everything’s Included:

  • Full Bed and Board

  • Equipment

  • Activities

  • Supervision

  • A Day Trip

  • Accompanied travel to and from 17 Travel points across the UK

We recommend a maximum of £10 pocket money be sent with your child on their Superweek. This is entirely optional.

Free Accompanied Travel to and from the Superweek

Included with every Superweek is free, accompanied travel from any of our 17 guaranteed travel points. This means you can get to any Superweek, at any centre, easily.

A Monitor will meet you and your child at the station and travel with your child all the way to your holiday. We’ll bring your child back to the station to meet you at the end of the Superweek (slightly sleepier and maybe a bit muddier) a week later.

Travel Points:

Birmingham – Bristol – Cardiff – Chesterfield – Coventry – Derby – Liverpool – Leeds – London – Manchester – Milton Keynes – Newcastle – Oxford – Sheffield – Stoke – Worcester – York

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“The amount of care and careful planning was exceptional. I was really impressed with that more than anything else – you’ve really thought about this and it shows.”

– Parent