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Facilitated Online Games

At ATE, we know all there is to know about playing games and having fun. We’ve been honing our skills for over 50 years on our summer camps, school residentials, training courses, and other events, and now we’ve taken our expertise online.

We run facilitated online games via Zoom that are genuinely fun. Whether you’re looking to run a games night for your friends or family, a virtual office Christmas party for your co-workers, or something else entirely, we can build a package for you. We recommend playing our games with between four and 48 players, but we can adapt to suit different sized groups, too.

We have a collection of activities which are ready to be played straight off the shelf, and we can vary the difficulty and tone according to your players. We can customise our games for you if they don’t quite hit the spot, or get in touch to discuss arranging an entirely bespoke online event.

ATE’s Christmas Selection Box

A collection of individual or team games
We have taken a selection of our finest games, given them a Christmassy twist, and tweaked them for online delivery. Our pick ‘n’ mix facilitated games sessions are the perfect way to celebrate Christmas with the friends, family, or co-workers you can’t meet in person this year. Fast paced, with something to suit all tastes.

We can work with you to create just the right mix of games for your group’s interests and tech-skills, or you can keep it simple and let our facilitator do the choosing. Play for an hour, ninety minutes, or two hours.

Re-enact the 1962 Christmas Crisis 

A collaborative choose-your-own-adventure game
The Ministry of Christmas Evaluation, Promotion, Innovation, and Excellence (better known as MINCEPIE) is concerned about Santa’s wellbeing. Now their operative has uncovered proof that their concerns are justified! 

Can you and your team help to guide the MINCEPIE operative through the perils and pitfalls of Kvitoya Island? Face strange creatures, perilous obstacles, and mind-melting puzzles as you recreate the true* tale of the 1962 Christmas Crisis. (*True-ish.) 

This adventure will take at least an hour to complete, with most groups taking between 90 minutes and two hours. Our experienced game facilitators can adjust the difficulty and pace of the game to suit your group.


Pants on Fire

A parlour-style game for individuals or teams
Can you sniff out the truth among some fishy claims? In this parlour-style game you will need to be as adept at telling pork pies as you are at playing PIWin points by fooling your friends and family, or by finding the fact among the lies. Pants on Fire is the perfect mix of cerebral and silly, with bonus rounds and mini games to keep you on your toes. 

This game can be tweaked to suit your playersPlay for an hour, ninety minutes, or two hours. We can give this game a Christmassy makeover. 


Outside the Box, Inside the Grid

A parlour-style game for individuals or teams
In this game you will be rewarded for unique thinkingPick out peerless response and you’ll be bringing home the bacon, but watch out for heffalump traps which could see you losing your precious points! We’ll have challenges and special rounds, so make sure you don’t get complacent. 

This game can be tweaked to suit your players. Play for an hour, ninety minutes, or two hours. We can give this game a Christmassy makeover. 


Santa’s Little Helper

A game for individuals or teams
Santa needs some help getting ready for the Christmas rush, and you and your party are perfectly placed to lend a hand. This game will get you up off your feet while also exercising your grey matter. Can you come up with creative solutions to Santa’s problems? Make sure you’re prepared to put your money where your mouth is… 

This game can be tweaked to suit your players. Play for an hour, ninety minutes, or two hours. 



A classic board game, reimagined for up to 48 players
It’s sink or be sunk in our reinvention of this classic board game. You can play with more players, and we’ve also added some ATE trickery into the mixOutfox your opponents, listen carefully for clues, and, most importantly, make sure you don’t run into a mine, or you’ll have to complete a forfeit! 

This game can be tweaked to suit your players. Play for an hour, ninety minutes, or two hours. We can give this game a Christmassy makeover (which doesn’t involve torpedoing Rudolf, we promise!). 


Our pricing structure is simple: pay a flat rate for your host and £5 per person. And as a little bonus, every tenth player is free.

Session length/type Flat rate
60-minute session £45
90-minute session £65
120-minute session £85
Re-enact the 1962 Christmas Crisis £75

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