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This is Liam H. Liam is one of our Monitors and is here to prove that boy types can have just as much fun on a Superweek as the girls!Due to the nature of the work that we do, we tend to appeal more to young women than to young men. There are probably a number of important social and psychological factors but for now we’ll just call it ‘cool’.  We asked him some questions to get to know him better:

How did you find out about ATE? 

I first discovered ATE in my last year of high school. I was taking GCSE Drama & my teacher, who is a Director, offered some of us the opportunity to work in the summer as a general assistant. So off I went for three weeks. I was an assistant for two summers and I’ve never regretted the day I decided to train as a monitor the following Easter!

 What do you do in the ‘real’ world? 
 I am a full time student studying for a degree in Criminology. I also work part time as a Royal Engineer for the Territorial Army.
One thing you can’t stand? 
 When people move your things around in the house.
What do you like doing in your spare time? 
I spend the best part of my weekends away with the army doing really cool stuff! But when I get some well deserved time to myself I generally enjoy socialising with my friends and spending time with the family.
And finally, do you have any hidden talents? 
 I have a natural ability to come up with rhymes quite quickly! … Not quite the poet, but maybe one day! And as some of you may be aware, I guess it’s fair to say my mouth can take an awful lot of popcorn in one go! [It is very much fair to say, we lost count after 50 popped corns had disappeared!]
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