Carrie S | Staff profile

 This is Carrie! She kindly sent us a picture of her halloween costume – isn’t that incredible? We like it a lot.
How did you find out about ATE:
My dad used to be a Director on Colony Holidays. Colony Holidays was a the predecessor body of ATE, so it’s still connected one way or another with a lot of the people who used to work and volunteer for Colony Holidays. (ATE still get parents booking Superweeks for their children because of their Colony experiences when they were a child.)
What do you do in the ‘real’ world:
Currently studying Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Bath
One thing you can’t stand:
 People chewing with their mouth open!
What do you like doing in your spare time:
 Playing sport, shopping, reading, going on nights out
Hidden Talent:
I can do a pretty convincing Donald Duck impression!
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