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Today we’re talking to Am about life, the universe and everything so without much furthering of any ado, let’s quiz!

How did you find out about ATE: 
During secondary school a few of my friends started going to ATE over the summer holidays. They’d come back and tell everyone about them. By the time I was really interested in the organisation I was too old to go on a holiday myself, but then my friend told me about training as a monitor.

What do you do in the ‘real’ world: 
 In the ‘real’ world I am a student. I am currently studying Pharmacy, which means that hopefully a few years from now I’ll be a fully qualified pharmacist.
One thing you can’t stand: 
I absolutely can’t stand hot drinks. On ATE superweeks this does mean that I miss out on the hot chocolate and it also means that I’m not drinking lots of coffee in the mornings but I don’t mind.
What do you like doing in your spare time:
 I am a very sociable person so whilst at university when I do have any spare time I do spend it doing lots of different things with my friends. We love going to the cinema, swimming, ice skating, shopping and of course partying. I am quite an avid reader too, so I do like to read when I have some time to myself.
Hidden Talent: 
 I would say that my hidden talent is possibly the fact that I am fluent in Punjabi. I speak the language and can read it and write it too.
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