Carrie S | Staff profile

   This is Carrie! She kindly sent us a picture of her halloween costume - isn't that incredible? We like it a lot. How did you find out about ATE: My dad used to be a Director on Colony Holidays. Colony Holidays was a the predecessor body of ATE, so it's still connected one way or another [...]

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Am G | Staff Profile

Today we're talking to Am about life, the universe and everything so without much furthering of any ado, let's quiz! How did you find out about ATE:  During secondary school a few of my friends started going to ATE over the summer holidays. They’d come back and tell everyone about them. By the time I [...]

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Annie F-C | Staff profile

This is Annie. She trained in the Easter of 2011 and was a monitor on the splendidly sugary Chocolate AGM in the summer. Let's find out a bit more about her... How did you find out about ATE?  Through a friend - he is crazy for ATE. It sounded so amazing that I had to give [...]

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Liam H | Staff Profile

This is Liam H. Liam is one of our Monitors and is here to prove that boy types can have just as much fun on a Superweek as the girls!Due to the nature of the work that we do, we tend to appeal more to young women than to young men. There are probably a [...]

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Kirsty F | Staff Profile

  This is Kirsty F! Don't worry, she doesn't dress like a witch all the time, she is in-fact an ATE Monitor who's been working with us for a number of years. We thought we'd ask her a couple of questions to get to know her a little better: How did you find out about [...]

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