Fundraising at Marvellous Festival as their Chosen Charity | July 2015

Both this year and last year our ATE Staff have volunteered their time to support the Marvellous Festival in return for fundraising opportunities as the festival's chosen charity. Our volunteers have spent 15-hour days stewarding, running children's events in the Kids Village, reuniting lost children with their families, getting muddy and shaking buckets until [...]

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Y7 Pupil leads fundraiser after best friend benefits from the Adventure Appeal | April 2015

Family 80's Charity Shindig Fundraising Evening A year 7 student and his family arranged a fundraising event to raise money for The Adventure Appeal after his best friend benefited hugely from a Superweek place thanks to The Adventure Appeal last year. He's a pupil at one of the schools that regularly nominates children to benefit from [...]

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Our easy guide to raising money for ATE's Adventure Appeal with Easyfundraising For those of you that don’t know, Easyfundraising is essentially a platform for charitable organisations to receive donations to their causes for FREE. Like most good things it gives away a lot of information in the name, namely that it can offer [...]

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