The ATE ‘Curriculum’

We have so many fun ideas and activities up our sleeves that we never run the same week twice, so every Superweek, school week or activity day we run is completely unique. But to give you an idea of what you might get up to with us, do take a read of our 'official curriculum': Foil [...]

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The Great Outdoors

The chief executive of the National Trust, Dame Fiona, gave an interview to the Times this week (March 2012) regarding what she suggests is a nationwide ‘anxiety’ that is causing children to miss out on play and nature. "Children are missing out on the sheer joy and physical and mental well-being of being able to [...]

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Serious fun

Millions of British children are "culture starved" as they have never been to an art gallery, theatre or museum, a study has claimed this week (Feb 2012) on BBC news. The research, commissioned by Visit Birmingham, found four in 10 children had never been to an art gallery, while a quarter of parents had never [...]

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So what actually is ATE? | Keynotes from Barry

How exciting, I find that I am finally entering the 'blogosphere'. A bit chilly, but I think I might take to it. One of the problems that everyone who is, or has been, involved with ATE Superweeks (or Colony Holidays before them) has is the extreme difficulty one finds in explaining to other people [...]

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