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Diary of an ATE Mum

Cailtin was just 8 years old when I put her on a train and waved goodbye. The journey from London Paddington to Worcester lay ahead of her. She was with people she and I had met just 20 minutes earlier.  She could barely see out of the window of the huge intercity train but I [...]

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School’s Out @ The Downs, 2011

School's Out @ The Downs: Tuesday 26th July to Tuesday 2nd August, 2011. I have to sum up our Superweek in one word: TURTLE! It all started following a game of turtle tag on the first day, and the hilarious sight of 40 children and 13 adults roll onto their backs and flap like a turtle at [...]

2017-05-27T15:04:40+00:00August 5th, 2011|Staff Superweek Stories|

So what actually is ATE? | Keynotes from Barry

How exciting, I find that I am finally entering the 'blogosphere'. A bit chilly, but I think I might take to it. One of the problems that everyone who is, or has been, involved with ATE Superweeks (or Colony Holidays before them) has is the extreme difficulty one finds in explaining to other people [...]

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