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Over the last few years, ATE have started to receive an increasing demand from children’s and family events for our bespoke style of fun, unique repertoire of games and our expertise in mischief and hijinx, as well as our dynamic, energetic and experienced staff teams. These events have ranged from children’s birthday parties right up to huge family music festivals for over 35,000 people.

ATE Lantern Workshop - Camp Bestival

Events? But I thought ATE was all about children’s adventure holidays?

That is where it all started and is still our main day-to-day focus, yes. However, in the 50 years we’ve been doing this we’ve amassed a treasure trove of games, challenges, riddles, songs, workshops and ways of working with children that lend themselves brilliantly to family events.
We’ve also discovered that the same wonderful people who work on our Superweeks are simply brilliant at being the bright, smiling face and seemingly never-ending source of energy at your festival, fete, fun day or other frivolity.

“I would like to add my sincere thanks to your willing, polite, hardworking and reliable team. Just exactly what a festival like ours needs. I really hope you can come and help us again next year – been a pleasure working with you

-Marvellous Festival 2014

So what sort of events can ATE do?

Put simply, if there are children or families involved, we’re confident we’ll be able to work our magic!

Over the last few years ATE ‘SuperEvents’ teams have been involved with:

  • Camp Bestival – Running the Dingly Dell woodland area; providing games, challenges, craft workshops, singing sessions, improvised roving characters and bespoke evening activities for thousands of families over the weekend.

Craft Workshop

  • Marvellous Festival – Running games and challenges in the ‘Big Kids Village’, as well as supporting the delivery of the festival through box office, information point and other duties.

  • National Trust Half Term Activities – Providing character-based puzzle trails and challenges around the grounds, as part of ‘Fun Days’ in the school holidays.

  • Birthday Parties – Character-based treasure hunts, as well as providing games and goodie bags.

  • Charity Fundraisers – Action-packed, team building residential weekends, one-off quiz nights, Barn Dances and ‘Locked Room Mysteries’!

Please note however that this is not a definitive list; we’re always excited to work at new and different events, so if you like the sound of what we can offer, get in touch.

“I was so impressed by the effort and energy your team gave throughout the entire weekend! It was great to see the Dingly Dell bubbling with workshops and interaction, with people learning new skills and having fun.

Kirsty H, Arts Producer, Camp Bestival 2015

And what sort of activities do you provide at these events?

We are proud to be able to base our provision on the specific needs of your event. Each ATE ‘SuperEvents’ team and provision is designed in response to the criteria of the organiser, which means no event or activity happens twice.

The quality of delivery is of utmost priority. Thanks to the wealth of activities, resources and ideas at our disposal, as well as the experienced, dynamic and professional team of staff members delivering your event, we are exceptionally well positioned to be flexible and respond to the needs of the audience in order to make sure our delivery meets our own, self-imposed high standards.

Whilst it is impossible to list every possible activity we can deliver in great detail, most of our activities can fit under one of the following headings:

  • Craft workshops
  • Games and team challenges
  • Treasure hunts
  • Singing and storytelling sessions
  • Roving character-based interaction
  • Puzzles and riddles
  • Dance workshops and Barn Dances
  • Family Fun Shows and demonstrations
  • Bushcraft and ‘Wild Time’

Very few events request all of these at once (though we have done so before, with a BIG team across a very large space); more common would be an organiser selecting one or two of these activities to be delivered during an event.

Bear in mind too that amongst the talented pool of staff at ATE , we have many strings to our collective bow and are happy to discuss any similar provisions at your event, which are not listed above.

How can I book ATE for an event?

If you are interested in booking ATE for your event, then please contact us to discuss your ideas, requirements and budget.

ATE will usually provide all materials and equipment required for the events and activities we would be running; in addition, once your booking is confirmed, a ‘SuperEvents’ Co-ordinator from ATE will be available throughout the year to discuss the requirements for your event and will happily conduct a site visit at no extra charge.