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Bespoke Residential Trips

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Is your organisation looking for support to run a residential holiday?

We offer pastoral care to charities and organisations running residential holidays with a particular aim. We currently have long standing relationships with various organisations; NHS trusts, Action for Stammering Children, CLAPA (The Cleft Lip and Palate Association) and Sing For Pleasure. Here we support the successful running of a group’s residential experience, leaving time for specialists to focus on workshop delivery and providing opportunity to take a step back, spend time with the children and notice the impact of the residential.

We have the skills and expertise to provide excellent pastoral care; fostering a safe and happy community, running bedtimes, managing the daily routine, meal times, and making sure we put spare time to good use by filling the gaps with creative indoor games, outdoors games, songs, and bespoke evening activities. These activities can be tailored by us to complement the aims and objectives of your residential trip.

Why ATE?

ATE have over 50 years’ experience in running summer camps for children aged 8-16 years and have been gathering experience and resources throughout the whole of this period. We have the skills, repertoire, and understanding to collaborate effectively with your organisation, working to your needs to provide a play packed, safe and memorable residential for all. It is especially important for children that are away from home without a friend, that they are well looked after and feel safe and secure as quickly as possible, as well as this being crucial to the success of your residential venture.

From my point of view, working with ATE to deliver the Talking Out Residential for teenagers who stammer allows us to provide an innovative and highly effective support for teenagers that, without the partnership with ATE, would be closed to us. The ATE team are experts at working in a residential setting which frees up the Speech and Language Therapy team to focus on delivering therapy input separately to the general pastoral care.

The ATE team also run games and quizzes which help the group relax, gel and talk freely without worrying about stammering. This allows the Speech and Language Therapy team to observe how the group interact and work together, and also spend time with individuals knowing that the rest of the group are being well catered for. This also gives the SLT team a really valuable chance to join in with the group on a level playing field without being seen as ‘in charge’ which helps build strong and trusting relationships which are vital to the therapeutic process.

– Ben Bolton, Clinical Lead for Stammering, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust.



  • We foster a feeling of community and wellbeing so children feel safe, happy and able to gain the most out of their residential experience.
  • We take responsibility for pastoral care allowing specialists to focus on their session delivery.
  • Specialist staff are encouraged to join in with evening activities, singing and games, offering the opportunity to interact with children building positive and trusting relationships.
  • We give practitioners the time to be alongside the children, to listen to them as they play and engage with us; a chance to take that step back and notice the impact the residential is having.
  • We have the repertoire, experience and understanding to tailor our games and activities according to your aims and in response to children’s needs as they are on their holiday. We can tailor activities to compliment and cement learning from your sessions or just provide fun and relaxing time out.

The ATE Ethos

Who we are

We are a small and personal organisation, which prioritises staying close to our values.  

Whilst many commercial residential activity organisations exist in the UK, ATE is not for profit and has values and ethos based in active learning. We strive to assist in providing children and young people with positive experiences by taking the time to develop creativity, imagination, motivation and skills. Our residential holidays provide an environment in which a child can be stimulated through making new friends, telling stories, singing, laughter, games and, most importantly, play. We can bring these expertise to support your residential.

We’ve delivered imaginative and educationally enriching activities to children and young people for over 50 years. Read more about who we are and our values here.

Who are our staff?

ATE is unique in the field of group residentials in that all of the young adults who work with the children are both volunteers and undergo intensive, residential training. Each residential holiday will have one Director from our senior staff team and a team of Monitors. Many of these senior staff members are practising teachers. Each residential will be staffed according to your needs.

The staff who will work on your residential have been DBS checked, and, because our Monitors are volunteers, you can be assured they want to be there and that they are every bit as fresh and enthusiastic as the children who come along. Our staff are experts in cultivating relationships with and between groups of children very quickly, and recognise the value in investing in each individual as means of them realising their potential.

We can:

  • Find an appropriate venue for your venture, including the management of all catering arrangements. And provide a full pastoral team of staff.
  • Or provide a full pastoral staff team to support your group residential experience at a centre booked by yourselves.

How to book

We’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions about what we can offer and would be keen to talk through how we can meet your specific requirements.

Please send enquiries to with brief details of the nature of your enquiry.

Please include;

  • Where in the UK you are based
  • What provision you are looking for
  • What size group you have
  • What time in the year your trip will be

Michelle will arrange to call you back at your convenience to discuss your needs and talk to you about what ATE could do for you. ATE will endeavor to have a quote for your trip to you within 10 days of your initial enquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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