Why Choose The ATE Trust for your School?

“I have known and admired the educational thinking behind ATE for many years. It was first developed through Colony Holidays, and I have known many children who have benefited enormously from a new enjoyment in learning, a sense of personal responsibility, and the disciplines of co-operation and working with others to get things done. I believe it would be extremely beneficial if such ideas could be extended, through the training of teachers, from the context of holidays into the classroom”.

-Baroness Mary Warnock of Weeke, President of the ATE Trust Governing Council.

The Active Training in Education Trust (ATE) has been delivering imaginative and educationally enriching activities to children and young people for over 50 years. Passionate about a holistic and creative approach to education, we have grown to offer bespoke, high quality In-School Experiences, residential trips for both School and Non-School groups and CPD Training for Teachers to share our knowledge, skills and expertise with schools. We will bring bespoke delivery crafted to meet the individual needs of your school and the children and young people who make it’s community.

About us

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Our Values and Ethos

We are an organisation that understands learning as a social and emotional activity. In every aspect of what we do we foster a community environment where we support learning through play, adventure, positive human interactions and the nurturing of self-belief. We strive to assist in providing children with positive experiences by taking the time to develop creativity, imagination, motivation and skills.

ATE is not for profit and is endorsed by representatives from the ASCL (formerly the Secondary Heads Association), The Professional Association of Teachers, NUT (The National Union of Teachers), The Society of Education Offices, SEDA, The British Council and NASUWT. Our Governing Council is comprised of leaders in the world of education; Baroness HM Warnock, Professor Tim Brighouse, Sir David Green K.C.M.G., Sir Bruce Liddington, Dr. Eric Macfarlane O.B.E. Sir Michael Perry G.B.E. and Stuart Linderman. The Council makes sure that keeping children safe, both physically and emotionally, is ATE’s top priority.

Who are our staff?

ATE’s staff body is made up of a group of practitioners who believe in what we do. Our senior staff have undergone intensive residential training and have worked at every level of the organisation. Many of these staff members are education professionals, who are trained and work within the areas of Senior Leadership Teaching, Primary and Secondary Teaching, Forest School and Outdoor Instructing.

Our dynamic staff body brings knowledge, talents and understanding from a wide variety of contexts. Uncompromising on quality, we demand consistently professional standards from ourselves and are hugely invested in our expert and diverse staff body.

‘I first discovered ATE when completing my Duke of Edinburgh gold award. After completing the 2009 training course I realised I had just made 25 or so new friends who shared a passion for working with children, who were fun, creative, responsible and resilient. Since then, I have met hundreds more members of ATE staff, who are similarly committed to providing safe environments solely for the purpose of letting children have fun. It couldn’t get more pure than that. ATE has completely changed my perception of what job I want, and where I want to go, and for that I am immeasurably indebted to it as an organisation.’

-Rob C

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