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UltimATE Escapade

A Multi-Activity Superweek

Summer is finally here and we want to CelebrATE! We think the best way to start the summer holiday is with our best, most exciting, most daring and truly bold Superweek yet… The UltimATE Escapade! There will be games, songs, crafts, sneaking, secret missions, challenges, experiments, quests and the most UltimATE Escapade you have ever been on… We don’t know how it is all going to fit in to just one week!

Date:27th July– 3rd August 2018
Age:8-14 years
Location:Frank's Place
  • Team games and challenges

  • A Day Trip

  • Exploring

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In previous years we have…

We have so much fun up our sleeves that we never run the same week twice, so every Superweek is entirely unique. Here are some highlights from previous Superweeks:

  • Held a casino night and invented a new card game

  • Made our own juggling balls, dreamcatchers and kites

  • Hosted a fete and ran our own stalls, including hoopla, lemon heads, and a juice bar

  • Had a picnic sat on top of the Malvern Hills

  • Held a Quidditch tournament

  • Been surprised with an Ice Cream Factory for dessert, complete with sprinkles and sweets, after a hot day playing in the sunshine

Frank’s Place: Our Home for the Week

An outdoor adventure and Eco-Education centre with ninety acres of woodlands that are ours for the week. The centre has really lovely spacious dorms with comfy bunk beds for a good night’s sleep after an energetic afternoon in the woods. There’s a big dining room, a games room for evenings all together, outdoor classrooms and plenty of interesting things to investigate, including a worm farm. We’re within walking distance of the river Severn and nearby to the famous Teddy Gray sweet shop in picturesque Bewdley.

Everything’s Included:

  • Full Bed and Board

  • Equipment

  • Activities

  • Supervision

  • A Day Trip

  • Accompanied travel to and from 17 Travel points across the UK

We recommend a maximum of £10 pocket money be sent with your child on their Superweek. This is entirely optional.

Free Accompanied Travel to and from the Superweek

Included with every Superweek is free, accompanied travel from any of our 17 guaranteed travel points. This means you can get to any Superweek, at any centre, easily.

A Monitor will meet you and your child at the station and travel with your child all the way to your holiday. We’ll bring your child back to the station to meet you at the end of the Superweek (slightly sleepier and maybe a bit muddier) a week later.

Travel Points:

Birmingham – Bristol – Cardiff – Chesterfield – Coventry – Derby – Liverpool – Leeds – London – Manchester – Milton Keynes – Newcastle – Oxford – Sheffield – Stoke – Worcester – York

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“The stories of what they did and the people they met continue to bubble to the surface for the whole year, entertaining the whole family.”

– Parent