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The Easter Egg-Stravaganza

A Multi-Activity Superweek

The Easter Egg-Stravaganza is a Superweek holiday especially for children, run by The ATE Trust.

This week will be a multi-activity Superweek, with an Easter-y twist, Easter Egg Hunts and special spring time activities. There’ll be fun, games, laughter, secret missions, sneaking in the woods, adventures and expeditions, a day trip, games you’ve never heard of before, parties and feasts and evenings of fun, things to learn, and plenty of new friends.

Date:Saturday 13th April - 20th April 2019
Age:8-14 years
Location:Frank's Place
  • Springtime Games and Activities

  • A day trip

  • An Easter egg hunt

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In previous years we have…

We have so much fun up our sleeves that we never run the same week twice, so every Superweek is entirely unique. Here are some highlights from previous The Easter Egg-Stravaganza Superweeks:

  • Equipped eggs with parachutes and sent them on adventures

  • Rescued the Easter Bunny

  • Looked after our very own pet eggs

  • Visited the farm to see the new lambs

  • Performed a dance flash mob

  • Made marble runs from junk that looped the centre

Abberley Hall: Our Home for the Week

Abberley Hall, in the heart of Worcestershire country side, is a boarding school during term time. It has lots of comfortable dormitories hidden in different parts of the hall and everything we need for a fantastic week. We will have 90 acres to play in and explore, a swimming pool and lots of different spaces for games and group activities. There is even a clock tower!

Everything’s Included:

  • Full Bed and Board

  • Equipment

  • Activities

  • Supervision

  • A Day Trip

  • Accompanied travel to and from 17 Travel points across the UK

We recommend a maximum of £10 pocket money be sent with your child on their Superweek. This is entirely optional.

Free Accompanied Travel to and from the Superweek

Included with every Superweek is free, accompanied travel from any of our 17 guaranteed travel points. This means you can get to any Superweek, at any centre, easily.

A Monitor will meet you and your child at the station and travel with your child all the way to your holiday. We’ll bring your child back to the station to meet you at the end of the Superweek (slightly sleepier and maybe a bit muddier) a week later.

Travel Points:

Birmingham – Bristol – Cardiff – Chesterfield – Coventry – Derby – Liverpool – Leeds – London – Manchester – Milton Keynes – Newcastle – Oxford – Sheffield – Stoke – Worcester – York

The Easter Egg-Stravaganza Starts in...
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“They have learnt so much, and keep talking fondly and excitedly about people – both children and adults – , places, songs, the snug, the day trip, the food and the many other wonderful memories they have from their week – as well as plans of where and when their next Superweek will be.”