On your Superweek you will…

  • Play 636 games you have never played before
  • Have a go at the things you’ve always wanted to be able to do
  • Laugh so much that every night you go to bed with a slightly achey face.

It’s a summer adventure where it’s our job to make sure you have a lot of fun, be a bit silly, and get to be really quite adventurous; a holiday like no other you’ve ever been on.

Mums and dads …

We believe that children need more opportunities to explore who they are. The freedom of childhood is best celebrated through discovery, being encouraged to be curious, and adventuring beyond the world we know. This can only happen in a safe environment where children feel accepted and valued simply for being themselves.

On a Superweek, our staff work tirelessly to foster a nurturing and trusting environment that is open to all, with a permanent invitation to ‘have a go’. With no fear of criticism or failure, children are better placed to see the world as a place of limitless possibilities. The focus of our days is play, and sharing these experiences with other people is a valuable opportunity for your children to discover new things about themselves.


of children enjoyed their Superweeks “quite a bit” or “very much” in 2018


of parents felt their child was looked after “well” or “very well” on their Superweek in 2018

On Every Superweek in 2019 You Will Find….

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