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Our Superweek holidays are jam-packed week-long adventures for children just like you. We’ve been running them for over 50 years, and our staff are bursting full of activities and imaginative games which means that each Superweek is always totally unique. So many children tell us their Superweek is the best week of their year; making new friends, playing new games, exploring, building dens in the woods, having stories around the campfire, and so much more. Your adventure is waiting for you …

What will I do on my Superweek?

You’ll meet new people and try new things. You could build a den or make a kite that actually flies. You might play a life-sized board game, or rescue the good guy from peril! You’ll spend time in the great outdoors, and you’ll find out about people from different parts of the country, and maybe even from overseas. You’ll go on a day trip to somewhere brilliant, and you might get to go swimming. You’ll play loads and loads of brand new games you’ve never even heard of! Big games with everyone, small games with just your group, indoors, sneaky, in a field, really, really loud! We’ve got games coming out of our ears, and we can’t wait to play them with you!

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Who will run my Superweek?

Your Superweek will be masterminded by a Director – a really clever person who’s worked on loads of Superweeks and knows what’s what. They’ll be helped out by an Assistant Director or two, who will be just as much fun! There’ll also be a Matron to look after you if you’re under the weather, and a caterer making the meals. But most important of all is your Monitor! Your Monitor is a brilliant person who will just be looking after you and your group. They’ll teach you games and make sure you’re having a fab time. They’ll sit with you a breakfast and dinner, and be part of all of your in-jokes. By the end of the week they’ll know about all the brilliant things that make you you!

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2021 Programme

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Where will my Superweek happen?

We spend a lot of time and attention on our centres. It’s your home for the week, and we know how important that is. We use boarding schools, outdoor education centres, and camping sites in the middle of the beautiful English countryside. Our centres have huge grounds to explore and run around in, indoor spaces to play in, and cosy rooms to relax in before bed. We especially love centres that have swimming pools! You’ll sleep in a really comfy dorm with the rest of your group, just like in Hogwarts. Our centres are packed with hiding places, and lots of secrets to discover.

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How will I get to my Superweek?

Your adventure begins before your Superweek even starts! One of our brilliant Monitors can come and meet you in your town or city and travel with you, and the rest of the Superweekers from your area, to the centre. We’ll go by train or coach, meeting more and more new people along the way, until we get to the centre. It’s great, because you get to meet the people you’ll be spending a week with nice and early on. It’s stress-free for you and (your parents might be interested to know) that it’s completely free! It’s a win-win for everyone.

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This isn’t how we serve drinks on a Superweek – that would be very unhygienic! It’s a game, of course.

Tell me more!

We’ve put together an FAQ with answers to all the questions children want to know. About Superweeks, that is. If you want to know how many teeth a T-Rex has or why it’s called an ‘HB’ pencil,  we can’t help you!

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Tell my parents more

We’ve also written an FAQ for parents, with answers to some practical questions like ‘will my child be able to get their five a day?’ (yes) and ‘will you allow my child to be eaten by a bear’? (definitely not).

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We promise they’re not running away from anything – again, it’s a game!