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Apply to join our next course

We are now accepting applications for our 2020 Monitor Training Course. Apply now before places are filled! The deadline for applications is 22nd March 2020.

Am I eligible to apply?

  • Applicants should be at least 17 years old (as of April 2020)

  • You must be able to attend the full training course (i.e. arriving in the afternoon on the first day and leaving after breakfast on the final day). Potential dates 6th – 13th April 2020

  • You must be available for at least ONE of the Superweek sessions in 2020. Potential dates are:

    • 24th – 31st July
    • 1st – 8th August
    • 9th – 16th August
    • 17th – 24th August

[Please refer to the application form for full terms and conditions of applying.]

If you are eligible, apply here, complete the form below or email us to request a paper application. If you have questions about ATE, our training course, or the Superweeks we run, please do email us on

Apply to train

Contribution to board and lodgings

The course is fully residential and we do ask for a one-off contribution towards your board and lodgings during the course. For the 2019 Training Course, the contribution has been set at £180.

It is very important to us that no-one is excluded from the course on financial grounds. We have received grant funding which will allow us to offer a full or part subsidy in cases of financial hardship. In some cases are also able to cover travel expenses. If you believe that this may be relevant please contact:

Please note after the training course ATE covers all Monitor expenses. Travel to and from Superweeks within the UK is fully reimbursed.

“Retrospectively, I would’ve paid more than double what I did for the privilege of attending”


“The money not only covers your food and lodging but also a dedicated team of instructors working hard almost 24/7 to make your experience a good one.”


Feedback from our Trainees:

“Going on the ATE Training Course was easily the best decision I have made for myself, possibly ever. I learned new things every day, both about how to actually do the job of being a Monitor, and about myself too.”

“ATE is all about joining in and being yourself, and I promise to anyone who does the training course that they will not feel judged, embarrassed or alone.”


“Everything that I learnt from ATE on the training course are skills that I will use whatever I do in life.”


“It helps you build countless skills on how to look after children”


“I initially approached the course with apprehension, thinking it would be a week of health and safety coupled with rigid memorisation of rules, but this could not have been further from the truth. The training is extremely interactive and action packed.”


“By the end of day two it felt like we’d known each other forever. Stepping away from the real world and into the ‘bubble’ that was made by the staff was really easy”


“There was no pressure, so you felt able to get involved without feeling like you would be judged.”