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Volunteering with us

The young people who join ATE as volunteers are known as Monitors. They work directly with the children on our residential holidays.

ATE’s programme of training has been developed over more than 50 years, and is highly regarded by all those who have experienced it. For many it is a life-changing and beneficial experience.

Applications for Monitor Training in 2019 are now open. If you would like more information please email, or give us a ring on 01684 562 400.

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What does a Monitor do?

As a Monitor you will lead a group of about 8 children, taking part in all of their activities: you will eat at their table, join in their games, put them to bed in the evening, and wake up with them in the morning.

Monitors are responsible for keeping their group happy, safe and cared for. You will get to know the children really well, and will become an older brother or sister figure to them. For many children, the relationship they develop with you will be the highlight of their holiday.

Each holiday will have around six to nine Monitors along with a Director and Assistant Director, who will plan the week and deliver larger activities. There will also be a Matron, a Caterer, and a small team of Domestic Staff.

“I love Superweeks because I get to meet and work with amazing staff and children, and I get to be a child again for a week!”


“It does not matter if you consider yourself a leader or not, the moment the children arrived and somebody tells them they’re in your group you become become a friend, role model, and the relationship you can build with them is brilliantly different to any they’ve had before.”


“Some of the best memories I have are from working with ATE, it made me so much more confident and I’ve met some really inspiring people”


“All I wanted to do, was do it all over again. ATE was one of the best experiences of my life.”


How do I become a Monitor?

Every year we run a training course for new volunteers to train as Monitors. By attending the seven-day residential course, you will be provided with the resources and skills required to successfully lead a group of children on a Superweek. The training includes practical sessions, lectures, interactive workshops and discussions. You will learn about ATE’s principles and aims, how we run activities, the ways we make sure our holidays are safe, and how we work with children. The course is intensive and challenging, but very rewarding.

To attend this year’s training course, you will need to apply for a place by completing the form online, or returning a paper form to us by post.

“You learn a lot of the things you need to know by doing them, which is the best way to learn”


“The ATE training course was a really safe and welcoming environment to learn all about the organisation and how to be a great monitor, as well as learning about working with children.”


“I’ve made friends on the training course that I want to keep for life.”


“Not only have I grown and developed such confidence from the training and working on summer camps, but I don’t think I have ever seen so many happy, happy people in one place.”



2019 Training Course – Applications now open : Saturday 13th April – Saturday 20th April, 2019

Am I eligible to apply?

  • Applicants should be at least 17 years old (as of April 2019)

  • You must be able to attend the full training course (i.e. arriving in the afternoon on the first day and leaving after breakfast on the final day)

  • You must be available for at least ONE of the Superweek sessions in 2019. Provisional dates are:

    • 26th July – 2nd August
    • 3rd – 10th August
    • 12th – 19th August
    • 20th – 27th August

[Please refer to the application form for full terms and conditions of applying.]

If you have any questions about ATE, our training course, or the Superweeks we run, please do email Zoe on Zoe has worked with us for the last four summers, so there’s not a lot she doesn’t know, and to top it off, she’s really, really nice!

Contribution to board and lodgings

The course is fully residential and we do ask for a one-off contribution towards your board and lodgings during the course. For the 2019 Training Course, the contribution has been set at £180.

It is very important to us that no-one is excluded from the course on financial grounds. In cases of financial hardship, a full or part subsidy may be available and in some cases we can also cover travel expenses. If you believe that this may be relevant please contact:

Please note after the training course ATE covers all Monitor expenses. Travel to and from Superweeks within the UK is fully reimbursed.

“The money not only covers your food and lodging but also a dedicated team of instructors working hard almost 24/7 to make your experience a good one.”


“Retrospectively, I would’ve paid more than double what I did for the privilege of attending”


Submitting an application:

  • Either fill in an online application form or print off and fill out a Printable Application Form and return it to us.
  • We will contact you to confirm receipt of your application
  • After the deadline we will contact you if your application has been successful
  • At that stage we will ask which week you could work in the summer, send you some further information about the course, and ask for a £50 non-refundable deposit
  • The balance of your contribution for your board and lodgings should be paid before the first day of your training course

Submit your application now:

Submit Online Application
Printable Application Form


Our action-packed, 7-day training course is designed to prepare you for your ATE Superweek. You’ll learn 693 new ways to entertain children (and your friends when you go home. Interspersed with activity sessions, each day there’s a different discussion on topics like safety, health and hygiene, how to help children settle in and get over homesickness, going on expeditions, daily routine etc. The course is non-stop, challenging and extremely good fun.

Each holiday will usually have between six and nine Monitors, along with a Director, Assistant Director, Matron, Caterer and Domestic Staff. Read more about our Superweek staff here.

Yes, your training course and volunteer work with ATE can count towards a V-inspired Award and as a residential for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this.

ATE is committed to supporting our volunteer staff with personal and professional development. We provide two free residential CPD weekends every year which are available to all staff, as well as a free magazine distributed two times a year to all staff. Monitors who have worked for three or more Superweeks  can apply to the Assistant Director (AD) training course, and ADs who have worked for three or more Superweeks can apply to the Director training course.

ATE’s Training Calendar:

Training Course Course Length Eligibility Time of year Available
Monitor Training Course* 7 days Age 17+* Easter Every year
Assistant Director (AD) Training Course* 5 days Existing Monitors only* May half term Every 2 years
Director Training Course* 5 days Existing ADs only* May half term Every 2 years
Summer Staff Weekend Friday evening – Sunday lunch Existing staff only June / July Every year
Christmas Staff Weekend Friday evening – Sunday lunch Existing staff only Dec/Jan Every year

*Application required

Feedback from our Trainees:

 “Going on the ATE Training Course was easily the best decision I have made for myself, possibly ever. I learned new things every day, both about how to actually do the job of being a Monitor, and about myself too.”


 “ATE is all about joining in and being yourself, and I promise to anyone who does the training course that they will not feel judged, embarrassed or alone.”


 “Everything that I learnt from ATE on the training course are skills that I will use whatever I do in life.”


“It helps you build countless skills on how to look after children”


“I initially approached the course with apprehension, thinking it would be a week of health and safety coupled with rigid memorisation of rules, but this could not have been further from the truth. The training is extremely interactive and action packed.”


“By the end of day two it felt like we’d known each other forever. Stepping away from the real world and into the ‘bubble’ that was made by the staff was really easy”


“There was no pressure, so you felt able to get involved without feeling like you would be judged.”