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Volunteering with us

The young people who join ATE as volunteers are known as Monitors. They work directly with the children on our residential holidays.

ATE’s programme of training has been developed over more than 50 years, and is highly regarded by all those who have experienced it. For many it is a life-changing and beneficial experience.

We think anybody would benefit from coming on our Monitor Training Course and working as volunteers. People who might gain most include:

  • Young people who are looking to build their CV
  • College and University students looking for work experience
  • Sixth formers who want to add to their University applications
  • Anyone looking to take the first steps towards a career with children, including aspiring teachers, youth workers, and coaches
  • People who want a fun way to gain their Duke of Edinburgh residential qualification. (Read more)

Please note, we ask trainees to pay a small fee to cover their costs on the course. However, we do not want you to be put off by this; if the fee is a barrier to your participation, please in get touch. We are typically able to offer and handful of full or part bursaries to the course.

Unfortunately we are not planning on running a Monitor Training Course in 2021. If you would like to register your interest for our next course, which we hope will be in 2022, please email info@ate.org.uk. We may need General Assistants, Caterers, and Matrons this summer, so please visit our vacancies page if you would be interested in any of these paid roles.

“You learn a lot of the things you need to know by doing them, which is the best way to learn”


“The ATE training course was a really safe and welcoming environment to learn all about the organisation and how to be a great monitor, as well as learning about working with children.”


“I’ve made friends on the training course that I want to keep for life.”


“Not only have I grown and developed such confidence from the training and working on summer camps, but I don’t think I have ever seen so many happy, happy people in one place.”


What do our volunteers do?

As a Monitor you will lead a group of about 8 children, taking part in all of their activities: you will eat at their table, join in their games, put them to bed in the evening, and wake up with them in the morning.

Monitors are responsible for keeping their group happy, safe and cared for. You will get to know the children really well, and will become an older brother or sister figure to them. For many children, the relationship they develop with you will be the highlight of their holiday.

Each holiday will have around six to nine Monitors along with a Director and Assistant Director, who will plan the week and deliver larger activities. There will also be a Matron, a Caterer, and a small team of Domestic Staff.

Feedback from our Trainees:

“Going on the ATE Training Course was easily the best decision I have made for myself, possibly ever. I learned new things every day, both about how to actually do the job of being a Monitor, and about myself too.”

“ATE is all about joining in and being yourself, and I promise to anyone who does the training course that they will not feel judged, embarrassed or alone.”


“Everything that I learnt from ATE on the training course are skills that I will use whatever I do in life.”


“It helps you build countless skills on how to look after children”


“I initially approached the course with apprehension, thinking it would be a week of health and safety coupled with rigid memorisation of rules, but this could not have been further from the truth. The training is extremely interactive and action packed.”


“By the end of day two it felt like we’d known each other forever. Stepping away from the real world and into the ‘bubble’ that was made by the staff was really easy”


“There was no pressure, so you felt able to get involved without feeling like you would be judged.”