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Looking after your children: Our Superweek Staff

Uncompromising on quality, we demand consistently professional standards from ourselves and are hugely invested in our expert staff body. It is crucial that we are able to be responsive to the needs of children; working collaboratively with them to ensure that their well-being and development takes priority.

Staff attributes:

  • DBS Checked

Every member of staff is carefully selected and subject to enhanced DBS checks.
  • Expertly-Trained

Every Monitor attends a rigorous, week-long, residential training course before being accepted to work with us in the summer.

  • Staff who care

The pastoral staff roles on our Superweeks are entirely voluntary, which means your child will be in the care of adults who really want to be there.

  • Highly Experienced Senior Staff

Every Assistant Director and Director has been worked with us as a Monitor for a number of years before being selected to undergo further residential training for the senior roles.
  • Keeping your child safe

We have an impeccable safety record and are committed to maintaining this is in 2018. Your child will be in the care of conscientious adults who will get to know them really well.

What makes ATE Staff so Unique?

A different kind of learning

Our values are based in active learning and learning through play, striving to provide children with positive experiences by taking the time to develop their creativity, imagination, motivation and skills. ATE has deep-rooted educational links, with many experienced, highly committed teachers amongst our senior staff, and a Governing Council comprised of leaders in the world of education. ATE is approved by the Department for Education, and endorsed by representatives from the ASCL, The Professional Association of TeachersNUTThe Society of Education OfficesSEDA, The British Council and NASUWT.


Continual, Bespoke Training

ATE has a rigorous and mandatory programme of training and support for all the people who work directly with the children on Superweeks. This programme is designed to provide them with the skills and understanding needed to work with children in a residential setting and to develop confidence in their ability to do so. It actively encourages people at each stage to assess their own performance and to consider ways of improving. ATE’s programme of training is very highly regarded by those who have experienced it.

A personal organisation

ATE is a small and personal organisation, which prioritises staying close and true to its guiding ethos and values. Apart from a very small operational and administrative team, ATE operates with a completely voluntary staff body, who all take their own time out to do something that they both love and believe in very strongly.

In every aspect of our work, we take pride in not simply achieving the bare minimum, but in excelling, going over-and-above what could be expected of us and creating the very special, the out-of-the-ordinary and, very often, the truly magical.

A small selection of feedback from parents:

M. so loved her Monitor, Alice, who clearly struck exactly the right tone for the 11-12 year olds in her group.
Parent, Summer 2015
The care given to A. was outstanding. Matron looked after her medical needs and kept my updated throughout the week. The effort put in by your staff to meet her dietary needs was superb.
Parent, Summer 2015
Thank you for all that you do – you are part of making our kids who they are.
Parent, Summer 2014

Want to join our team?

ATE’s programme of training is very highly regarded by those who have experienced it, and is seen by many as having been life-changing and hugely beneficial both to their professional and to their personal lives. A significant number of young adults claim to have altered their career intentions in favour of working with children in teaching or some similar vocation as a direct result of their work with ATE.

The young people who join our organisation to work directly with small groups of children on Superweeks are known as ‘Monitors’, and in order to act in this role they must first attend an intensive seven-day residential training course.

Find out more about our Training Course here