CPD for Schools

Schools know that engaged children learn more. ATE provide a range of training opportunities for schools. We share our knowledge and expertise to help schools deliver active, engaging lessons, encouraging participation for all children. This includes ways to facilitate real life experiences for children to draw on to help them in their learning and by sharing methodologies to promote a holistic approach to education.

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What could ATE offer to your school’s CPD?

Wide Games

Character-based, wide games allow children to feel the power and joy of make-believe, to experience their world as a place of limitless possibilities, and to build skills in team collaboration and communication.

When tailored to a specific curriculum area or topic focus, a wide game provides the opportunity for children to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding in context. A game of this nature offers an opportunity for children to be immersed in active, experiential learning. Delivery at the start of a topic focus or scheme of work often stimulates enthusiasm and provides experiences for children to draw upon in their learning.

Wide games can be delivered by ATE in your school (see In-School Experiences), or delivered to staff as part of a CPD session. Each and every wide game is written specifically to your requests and needs, so the possibilities for adventures really are endless.

Using coordinates to help Victor Vector find the lost (and priceless) art somewhere in the school.

Using coordinates to help Victor Vector find the lost (and priceless) art somewhere in the school.

Singing Workshops

ATE believe in the enjoyment, learning and developmental benefits of singing. We understand singing as a highly motivational activity, allowing children to develop confidence in their own voice, experience the joy of collaboration and the sense of being part of a group. Singing is a mental and physical exercise, bringing awareness to the body, alertness and focus to the mind, alongside a developed sense of rhythm, pronunciation, poetic devices, and retaining knowledge through lyrics. Fundamentally we understand singing brings joy and wellbeing to the classroom across the key stages.

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We have a vast repertoire of songs appropriate to all ages and enthusiastic practitioners to model best practice by sharing them with your staff team.  These songs range from, action songs, rounds and harmonies, songs that will make you laugh, songs connected to storytelling, events from history, rhythm and rhyme. This repertoire spans the age ranges and integrates into delivering content across the curriculum. We understand the potential barriers to singing, for children and adults, and these will be positively addressed through delivery, reflection and discussion during this workshop.

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Games to promote active learning

Playing games offers a safe environment where children can explore different roles and try out possibilities. Because our games and activities are different to those widely known, children meet them with different perceptions and often are surprised by what they enjoy and find they are capable of.

Outdoor games linked to curriculum learning

Our large group games foster supported opportunities for children to master their social skills; developing their ability to work as a team, raising awareness of other people’s feelings, and developing skills in negotiation.

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Our ethos and approach is rooted in valuing all children. By incorporating games that require imagination, strategy, speed and tactical roles, we have outdoor games that suit a range of preferences allowing all children’s attributes to be nurtured and valued.  

We understand how our games promote learning in specific curriculum areas and how our games provide opportunities for children to learn from one another. Therefore we will tailor the games we share according to your school’s CPD aims and facilitate discussion around curriculum learning and pedagogy.

Indoor games to enhance lesson delivery:

These games cover different group sizes and offer a mix of loud, active games and quieter cerebral games. All of which can be easily incorporated into lesson delivery, through starters, plenaries and promoting learning through active engagement. These games really are to be enjoyed.

‘Staff haven’t stopped talking about inset day yet. Without exception everyone concerned thoroughly enjoyed the day and the breadth of activities and have already used a number of the activities in their classes. Staff have said to me this lunchtime that highlights of the day were the wide game, jungle dover patrol and the variety of games they picked up to use with their kids.’

-Head Teacher at Orchard Primary, Kirkby in Ashfield.

Curriculum specific Workshops

We understand the link between learning and emotion and believe that through facilitating experiences that offer suspension of disbelief and active enquiry children and young people are motivated and engage in deeper learning.

We offer bespoke workshops to invite learning in particular curriculum areas. We have staff with training and expertise in the areas of Science, Technology, Art, Craft and Design, Drama, Storytelling, Literacy and Creative Writing, Poetry, Music, Numeracy, Geography, History and Outdoor Learning.

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Cross-Curricular thinking skills

A range of interesting activities to develop reasoning, perseverance, problem solving, active enquiry, creative thinking and collaboration.

Why Choose ATE? 

Bespoke CPD Sessions

Our CPD sessions are not pre packaged. We have over 50 years experience of delivering imaginative and educational activities to children on residential summer camps and school trips. Our vast experience, continually reflective practice and extensive repertoire of workshops, games and songs means we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to tailor a day-long or evening CPD session according to your aims.

When we work with an adult group we always try to spend the majority of time encouraging them to experience and enjoy the activities as the children would.

We make sure our sessions are fun, active and reflective in order to develop best practice and effectively apply new skills and activities shared into your setting. At the end of our training we will provide a resource pack with details of everything we have covered. This means that everyone can enjoy all the activities during the day without feeling under pressure to write anything down. We aim to enthuse and inspire.

Read more about who we are and our values here.

Why schools have booked ATE CPD Training in the past?

  • Singing workshops to raise confidence and discuss best practice in singing delivery.
  • A day focusing specifically on creative and engaging ways for staff to introduce themes and topics at the start of term.
  • To raise staff morale at the end of a hard term, playing games all afternoon!
  • To share a repertoire of classroom games and activities. Demonstrating how these can be adapted to curriculum and topic focuses and applied across a range of classroom scenarios.

‘Don’t change anything for future in-service events. It was fantastic.’

-Head Teacher at Orchard Primary, Kirkby in Ashfield.

Who can we offer CPD Training to?

  • Primary School Teachers
  • Secondary School Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Support staff
  • Learning Mentors
  • Trainee Teachers

Cost and Payment

These sessions can be delivered after school or for the whole or part of an INSET day.

Twilight Two-Hour Session £200 plus travel costs
Half Day £300 plus travel costs
Full Day £550 plus travel costs

Your training session will be delivered by two senior ATE staff members.

We will usually arrange for an invoice to be sent by email and/or by post to the relevant department within your school.

How to book

If you would like to book ATE for your CPD, please send enquiries to michelle@ate.org.uk with brief details of the nature of your enquiry.

Please include;

  • Where in the UK you are based
  • What provision you are looking for
  • What size group you have
  • What time in the year the session will be

Michelle will arrange to call you back at your convenience to discuss your needs and talk to you about what ATE could do for you. We will endeavor to have confirmation of your booking and cost to you within 5 days of our initial phone call to you.

We look forward to developing a bespoke session and sharing our enthusiasm with you.

The ATE Trust

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