The Adventure Appeal

The ATE Trust runs a sponsorship scheme designed to allow children from a wide range of backgrounds to be able to attend one of its residential, UK based Superweek summer camps.

“ATE offers a new vision of learning and the enjoyment of learning. The values embodied both in the training and in the holidays for children are of enormous importance. There is potential here for making a lasting difference to the lives and experience of children and young people.”

Baroness Mary Warnock of Weeke

ATE aims to raise sufficient funds for the Adventure Appeal in 2017 to sponsor 80 children, aged 8 to 14, from UK schools to join the many other hundreds of children who benefit hugely from this experience every year.

>>How do we raise money for The Adventure Appeal?

It is no exaggeration to say that ATE has changed my life completely and for the better. As a child, the holidays gave me an experience of social acceptance and a fantastically enjoyable time. As a Monitor and now a Director, I see clearly just how much such opportunities can do for children. They develop over the space of one week in ways I would have thought to be just not possible.

Anthony, teacher and ATE Superweek Director.

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So how does the Adventure Appeal’s Sponsorship Scheme work?

ATE is an educational body, with many senior teachers amongst our Directing body, and who guide the way in which the organisation continues to develop. These people are acutely aware of the value of these holidays to all children, and in the absence of any Government funding, have moved to establish a dedicated sponsorship scheme to allow children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a Superweek, the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience.

This scheme offers a number of sponsored places to a participating school (usually between 2 and 6). The school will then be asked to identify children who they feel will benefit from such an experience. The children will then be offered sponsorship which will allow them to attend a Superweek for a contribution of just £35 towards the cost of a £435 Superweek of their choice, with the rest of the cost being met by the appeal fund.

The Adventure Appeal was launched in 2009 and has so far managed to raise enough money to sponsor over 450 children.

I am convinced that the activities organised by ATE do help greatly to raise self-esteem and build motivation among young people.

Estelle Morris

If you would like to be involved …

As a school

If you feel that children in your school might benefit from this experience, and that some would value financial support, then please get in touch as soon as possible by telephone or email.

To offer funds to the scheme

A basic 7-day ‘multi activity’ holiday costs £435. This includes all activities, and supervised travel to the centre from a wide range of travel points throughout the UK.

The money donated to this scheme is carefully allocated and will only be used to allow children who would not otherwise be able to attend a Superweek to do so. All money donated is allocated to children at the specific recommendation of their school. The entirety of what you donate is used to fund sponsored places.

Individuals or organisations who donate to the Adventure Appeal will be kept informed as to how the money they have contributed has been used. Donations will be offered to schools in any location in the UK, unless the donor requests that their donation be used in a particular area or within a particular school.

The impact has been huge. One pupil we sent has changed back into a happy, outgoing girl. Her parents have commented on the lovely change and they feel it can be traced back to her week with you. It was a very successful initiative and one I hope you will be able to continue in the future.

Headteacher at a participating school.

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To get involved, or for further information please contact:

Liz Macartney, Operations Director. ATE.

8 St. Ann’s Road Malvern Worcestershire WR14 4RG / / 0845 456 1205